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January Holidays-Reasons to celebrate in January

Updated on February 5, 2011

Well the holidays are over, whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, or a different holiday. All the hubbub and preparation is through, the presents are opened, dinner is finished, and your family has gone back home. The house now seems almost too quiet and there is a bit of a letdown after all the excitement....and now comes January, with the January blues we all feel and in some areas, bitter cold and being trapped indoors.

If you are looking for January Holidays or some special days in January to celebrate; here are some good ideas.

Brighten a day!

One way to brighten your day or for someone else, consider sending a greeting card, whether you enjoy a traditional card in the mail or by sending one via email.

Great Cards to send, email or the paper version:

Thank You's: Something that we as a society have gotten away from is a simple Thank You card for the nice presents you received. And what a great feeling you get after receiving a Thank You card. You know that person does appreciate and like your gift but the extra time taken by them to send a Thank You gives you an extra smile and good feeling.

Here are some reasons to celebrate ...

January itself has some fun reasons to celebrate

Pretty much any reason to celebrate in January can give to our spirits and make a often cold, dull month pass with some fun. There are many ways to putting a decoration out on your table, your door, sending a card, a text or even a party of some sort. It doesn't have to be a fancy affair, just invite a few friends over with a theme in mind. Once you've decided that the quiet is just too much, find a reason to celebrate and get together with friends.

New Year's Eve- December 31 into January 1

Of course a New Year's party is always fun to host or attend. It can be a small get together while you watch the Time's Square festivities or get yourself all dressed up and attend one of those wild and fun parties hosted by hotels and restaurants in your area.

Japanese New Year- January 1 thru 3

Celebrate Shogatsu (the end of the old and start of the new year). Decorate with straw and bamboo, dress in a Kimono, and serve traditional Japanese dishes or finger foods.

Flower Basket Day- January 4

Celebrate by getting the traditional January blooms of the Snowdrop and Carnation. Their bright colors and scents in baskets can decorate and brighten your home. Give small baskets to friends or co-workers or host a party with a Flower Basket Day theme. Consider giving packets of seeds along with the flowers

Cuddle Up Day- January 6

Time to give your loved ones a cuddle or two; show them how much they mean to you. During the day, when least expected, wrap them in your arms and squeeze. Make it a party for your significant other..maybe cuddle on the couch, watch a movie and order in dinner.

Bubble Bath Day- January 8

What a great reason to enjoy a bubble bath by yourself, with your little one. Heap your bathtub with fun bubbles and toys and stay in until your fingertips are wrinkled.

Dance Day- January 9

Yes, we all feel the diet monster at our heels in January, after the December overindulging most of us did. Dance and exercise at the same time, by yourself or friends with a fun Dance Video and include a light-fare for food.

Secret Pal Day- January 11

Reach out to a friend or loved one that you secretly admire and make them feel special. Maybe leave a small gift at their door or desk but shhhhh...don't let them know who you are.

Make your Dreams Come True Day- January 12

January is a month of goals or resolutions. Settle down in your favorite chair, comfy clothes, and a good snack and make a list of your dreams from the far fetched to small ones. Then sit back and daydream.

Makar Sankranti and Pongal Day- January 14

One this day the sun begins to journey northward (Makar Sankranti). In addition, this is a day to celebrate harvest (Pongal).

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day- January 17

Remember his message of justice and righteousness and his reason to hope.

Whisper "I Love You" Day- January 19

Whisper those three important words whenever you can during the day. Celebrate with a special dinner in or out.

Penguin Awareness Day- January 20

Celebrate the cute and fun little creatures of the north. Have a party or get together with a Penguin theme. Watch "Happy Feet" for some fun and laughs and serve a baked Alaska.

Send a Hug Day- January 21

Show your friends and loved ones how special they are, give them a hug.

Australia Day- January 26

Research and learn about our friends in Australia as they celebrate their achievements and prospects for the future.

Ernie's, from Sesame Street, Birthday- January 28

This can be fun, host a party for the young or old alike with a Sesame Street theme. A great way to discover the child in yourself.


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