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Red Christmas Stockings

Updated on August 13, 2015

Christmas Stockings with Red Base Color

Traditional red Christmas stockings never go out of style, and even the most plain ones still work great; both as a stocking for stuffing little goodies and delights in, as well as using as part of your Christmas décor.

The other part of red Christmas stockings that always work are the white snow cap or trim around the opening, which gives you the sense of fresh fallen snow on the top.

What's great about red as one of the traditional Christmas colors is how you can use it as a base to add to or create all sorts of Christmas designs signifying all aspects of the the holiday season.

Another aspect of red Christmas stockings is the material used to make them. Each one, like velvet or felt looks much different than each other, and offers a look that could fit in well with a variety of Christmas decorations in your home.

I've included several photos of red Christmas stockings below just to stir up a few ideas and possibly generate a few thoughts on what may work for you. 

Traditional Red and White Christmas Stocking with Monogram

What's not to like about a traditional red and white Christmas stocking? It doesn't matter what else you have set out in your house as a part of your Christmas décor, you can't miss with these as your theme.

A nice touch below is the monogram as well, giving the personalized and customized feel.

Red and White Christmas Stocking

Red Animal Print Christmas Stocking

There are a lot of Christmas stocking which include an animal theme, among the more popular being the animal paw ones, which are also a big part of red Christmas stockings. I've included a little bit different one below in that it's an animal print, which could of course be used for fun with your own pet, or for one of your loved ones which enjoy that particular style.

Red Animal Print Stocking

Red Embroidered and Knit Christmas Stockings

The following two red Christmas stockings show how different the fabric they are made of makes the stockings look. The first one below is a knit stocking, and looks fantastic. Below that is an embroidered taffeta red Christmas stocking, which, as you can see, looks elegant and completely different, even though it comes in the same red color. Either one would work for me, and there are a lot more different types of fabrics and designs used than the ones below which enhance and delight.

Red Knit Christmas Stocking

Embroidered taffeta red Christmas stocking

Elmo Red Christmas Stocking

This fun Elmo Christmas stocking was a good example of using a red color foundation and then building on it with fun shapes and themes. What little child (and a few big ones) wouldn't love to have this little character and red Christmas stocking stuffed full of Christmas surprises?

Elmo Christmas Stocking

Red Christmas Stockings are Not all Created Equal

As you can see with all these red Christmas stockings, not all of them are even close to looking the same, and in spite of the same color, offer an infinite variety to choose from when deciding on which way you want to go with them; whether you're making them for your family or friends, or looking for some to buy outright.

If you have a number of available accessories, you could use a red stocking as a base and add all sorts of elements to the design for a customized stocking centered on specific individuals among your family or friends.


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    • profile image

      CC 6 years ago

      I was looking for a pattern via google, saw the red knit one in my results (above the tafetta), fell in love, came to the page, and there's no pattern. :( I want to have a friend make one like that and I need a pattern.