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Reflections from Christmas Past.

Updated on October 18, 2009


Reflections On Christmans Past.




On this cheerful
Christmas season
a misty eyed child
gazes at the distortions
that make her look
very much like an adult.

Formed in a round glass
and chrome ornament

that hangs on a lower

branch of the tree
beneath which she lays
grinning brightly.

I fell asleep there once..
when I was but seven
and woke up a grown man
the tree and all
its glitter gone,
the ornament shattered by
times warped speed.

Icicles of tears sometimes
drape suspended on my cheek
as I pine for what was.

Oh, if only colored lights
could make me blink
away this dream,
so that I could be
carried back
to that distorted
aborted child's face in
that chrome globe
that looked
so much older then
Christmas itself...
and so much

younger than today.


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