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Feather Centerpieces

Updated on March 6, 2011

Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

Ostrich Feather Designer Centerpieces

Nothing enhances an event more than exotic luxuriant decor. When trying to decide what would make a pleasing, dazzling effect, it can be quite confusing. A beautiful designer centerpiece composed of Ostrich feathers set in a vase will make a lasting impression on those in attendance.

Vases of different colors and heights can be topped with an array of Ostrich feathers that match the drapery or artwork in a room or hallway. Perhaps an all-white look is preferred, such as for a wedding, with flowing white feathers set in an ivory-white vase setting a formal tone. Optional vase lighting can make an even more prominent effect. The varying length of feathers used will determine the diameter and prominence of the designer centerpiece.

Anything from a formal wedding to a sweet sixteen event to a loud Mardi Gras party would be enhanced by designer centerpieces composed of Ostrich feathers set on a vase. An ethnic festivity can be embellished with feather arrangements, such as a Bar Mitzvah.

Although setting up a vase topped with Ostrich feathers can be a do-it-yourself affair, it would be a lot easier to hire a professional who specializes in this decorative work, who will make sure that the display will be laid out to your very own taste. The unique feather displays can be arranged upon dinner and banquet tables, or around art objects being exhibited.

It's possible to rent a dozen or more Ostrich feather vase pieces for any event, and have them professionally arranged for a specific occasion. When the festivities are over, the pieces will be gathered and removed, making for a care-free experience.

Please visit our website and View photos and videos depicting our beautiful centerpiece d├ęcor, plus information on our rates and services. We can also arrange shipment to anywhere in the USA.


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