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Rest For The Night

Updated on November 10, 2011

Traveling Companions....

There were three travelers from a far land who spent a night together with others at a modest inn.

The first pled his ignorance of the local customs, but the other two claimed familiarity with them and proceeded to counsel him.

The three men were preparing for rest wherein they would sleep in a common room with the other guests of the inn, both men and women as well as one small child, a baby who had been born the night before and spent most of his time sleeping and recovering from the trauma of his birth.

"How is it that this people have the custom of men and women sleeping together, even though they are strangers?", said the man who was seeking to understand the local customs.

"They believe that familiarity breeds contempt, and no harm can come from it," said the first of his two companions.

"Not so!" said his other companion. "They believe that true love is found in sharing sacred beauty with those whom life puts in their path. Their former modesty has given way to the adventure of sharing today, with hope that tomorow will bring new adventures rather than boredom."

"But the innkeeper offered so many choices of food! Some ate only one kind, others ate only another. Where then is sharing to begin, when all men's needs must be much the same?"

"My friend, you are indeed ignorant of the customs in this place" said the first companion. "Here men believe that different diets are required of God. Some eat only vegetables. Others eat meats only in th cold seasons and in times of famine, such as now. Others eat meats, but only certain meats---their God forbidding the eating of some meats. Others eat of all meats in all seasons. They each do so to conform themselves to God's teachings."

"Yet medicine treats all bodies the same?" asked the stranger.

"Again, not so!" replied the second companion. "Here some rely on faith in God for healing. Others, with equal faith, rely on all facets of medical science. Still others, for lack of faith or lack of money, suffer in empty silence."

"I see." said the stranger. "Men feed their minds as differently as they feed their bodies, and thus it is that healing takes different forms; but, how is it that God, who is one, is perceived so differently by these his own children, for truly in our homeland we are agreed that God is unchanging?"

"We must hurry to find our resting place," urged the other companion, "for some the candles will go out sooner than even we expect. Let us rest with all these beside the baby from the stable before we return home."

Ever wonder?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different "food regimens" in the world

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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      A changing people,who still loves to say that it's the world that's changing . They will soon realize.

      Good read, and thanks for sharing.