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Retirement Card Messages & Wishes

Updated on January 8, 2015

Retirement is a very special milestone in peoples’ lives that many never get to fully enjoy! So for those who are following through with retiring, wish them well and be sure to give them a nice card to remember such an important time.


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Retirement Card Messages

Finding the perfect card can sometimes be quite the task, so making a card or buying a blank one to write in special retirement card messages might be the best option!

While cards are appreciated by the recipient, homemade cards are always the best because it shows that you took the time to think about them enough to make something for them, something that only comes from the heart!

Retirement card messages are pretty easy to write, but if you need some tips, here are some pointers that will help you write retirement card messages in no time.

  • Be sincere: Insincerity is clear as day, so if you feel like it’s an obligation to write a card, just don’t. You should only write your own messages if it’s truly coming from you!

  • Be personal: Not to be confused with being rude, but add a personal touch to your message such as including a special memory you have with the person who is retiring.

  • Humor: If the card recipient has a good sense of humor, take full advantage of it! Oh, the possibilities...

  • Inside jokes: Inside jokes are a great way to incorporate humor in a card. Although others won’t fully understand, all that matters is the chuckle coming from the retiree!

  • Be respectful: It is easy to get carried away when writing a retirement card so remember to be respectful of the person receiving it. Some lines shouldn’t be crossed, and those lines vary from person to person.

With these tips in mind, let’s move onto writing a few retirement card messages. Here’s a few good examples to consider:



As mentioned earlier, if the recipient has a good sense of humor, use it to your full advantage and give them a card that is sure to put a smile on their face!

  • Finally, retirement: Where Mondays and Fridays feel exactly the same. (What day is it again?) Congrats on your recent retirement!

  • Retirement means that your boss has been replaced by your wife. Happy retirement!

  • Senior moments will become a daily occurrence now, just make sure to never forget your pants! Good luck, retiree!

  • Old fart, young heart! Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it.

  • You can finally enjoy the system you’ve been paying into all these years, now you can’t even remember your name sometimes! Enjoy retirement!


This is the most common type of retirement card messages and is also the safest to write.

  • Retirement is one of the biggest rewards from working. Embrace it and travel the world!

  • You’ve worked your tail off all these years for our company. The least we can do is support your retirement! Thanks for all of your hard work, enjoy your retirement!

  • Without working, the golden years would not be appreciated enough. You’ve done a great job. Happy retirement!

  • It’s time to retire: A time to wear your pajamas all day, watch all of your favorite shows, and drink your morning coffee at noon! Enjoy your retirement.

  • Retirement is a time to pause and reflect on all good times you’ve had, and a time to keep those good times a rollin’! Happy retirement!



If the retiree is a person of God, then they certainly would appreciate kind, religious words.

  • May God bless you during this glorious time we call retirement! Happy retirement!

  • God has a plan for you, and retirement is it! Have a very blessed retirement!

  • Take God’s hand as you walk through this new chapter in life. Retirement is a blessing, so explore all that He has to offer! Happy retirement!

  • Wishing you all the best in retirement. Praise Jesus! Have a very blessed retirement.

  • Blessed be those who retire! May your retirement years be full of love and worship.

While retirement may be a time to celebrate, it’s also a time of big changes. Going from working all the time to not working at all is a hard thing to do, as silly as it may sound. Offer them a few words of advice about how to keep themselves busy and happy while they make these adjustments to their new life.

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