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Review Of Conversations With My Mother, A Fill In The Blank Keepsake Journal

Updated on September 19, 2014

I was searching for a nice gift for my mother and one item that had caught my attention was this book called Conversations With My Mother. I really like fill in the blank books and journals and I thought my mother would like this book as well. Although now that I think of it, this was really a gift for both us, because it will be a keepsake that I will hold on to and it will be a nice way for her to record memories. So I purchased the book and then read through it to see all of the questions that my mother had to answer.

This is a hardcover book so it is durable and makes for a good keepsake. My mother and I filled this book out together. I asked her the questions and wrote the answers in my handwriting to make it easier for her. All she had to do was reminisce and think of answers to the questions that the book asks. I liked doing this activity with her as it was a nice bonding experience and it gave me the opportunity to learn even more about my mother.

The book asks many questions about her childhood, her family life while she was growing up, her marriage and her children. There are other questions that ask about her opinion on certain subjects. I would have to say that a lot of these questions can be very thought provoking and it may be difficult for someone's mother to remember everything about her life. Although my mother is only in her 60's, she still had trouble remembering some details of her life so we left those questions blank.

This book may not be for every mother though. There are many personal questions about growing up and about marriage. Some people's may have had a rough childhood and perhaps they may not want to dwell on those memories. Also, for someone who has parents who are divorced, it may be hard for their mother to answer the questions about her wedding and marriage.

Some of the questions in the book are "Did one of your grandmothers cook anything special for you?", "Did you have a favorite pet?", "Who was your first crush?", "Was your wedding small or big?", "Who were your friends when you were young?" and "How do you think parenting in general has changed in your lifetime?". There are also questions about your mother's grandchildren. My mother does not have any grandchildren yet, but when and if she does become a grandmother, we will go back and fill in the rest of those pages.

I feel that this book is a good way to learn more about your mother's life. If you are a mother, this might be a good gift to give to your child as a keepsake. I feel this journal could also be a gift for a mother, because showing an interest in your mother's life may make her feel good and she might enjoy filling it out with you. This keepsake will also help you to learn more about other people in your family as it asks questions about your mother's siblings, parents and grandparents.


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