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Review of Aluminum Gothic Skeleton Hand Salad Servers

Updated on October 21, 2009

 Whenever I am shopping in superstores like Walmart or Target during the fall season, I always rush down to their Halloween section to see what new products they may have in. Every year I pick up more and more Halloween pieces.

I have props galore, and I continue to buy them because I am known for throwing one hell of a scary Halloween party every year. I like challenging myself every year with new products, bought or made.

One of my favorite pieces goes to the Aluminum Gothic Skeleton Hand Salad Servers, (or tongs as they are called).

I spotted these shiny silver gems twinkling next to a Napkin Holder. The Napkin Holder caught my eye, but it seemed to expensive for its appearance. The Aluminum Gothic Skeleton Hand Salad Server on the other hand were awesome, a piece that I never would think would exist, yet here they were, long metal bony skeleton hands glistening up at me. I had to have them, no matter what the price.

The Aluminum Gothic Skeleton Hand Salad Tongs are made obviously to serve salad. However after looking them over I knew that they could be used for numerous serving purposes. They could scoop up mashed potatoes

, serve as a serving 'hand' for cakes, pies, and any other food that had a thicker consistency to it.

They have another use too that I thought was kind of neat. The Aluminum Gothic Skeleton Hand Salad Servers can scratch a mean itch. Ha-ha!

The quality of the Aluminum Gothic Skeleton Hand Salad Servers are stunning, with a shiny silver finish, and etched details into the actual bone fingers and fingernails. They are heavy pieces, but not too heavy as to where they are impossible to use. I will say though that you should keep them away from glass tabletops. Dropping one could break the table top.

The Aluminum Gothic Skeleton Hand Salad Servers are meant to be hand washed only, so don't go sticking them in the dishwasher.


If you are throwing a Halloween party this year, the skeleton servers are a must have. If you just like Halloween in general the servers are a fun piece to have around the house as well. They are definitely conversation starters, and I would highly recommend them to Halloween enthusiasts.

Where To Buy:

I was able to locate these exact skeletal sweeties for sale from online merchants. However many sites have them listed for a prices that are a scare! I found them at Target and spent $9.99. Click here to be taken directly to the servers, save yourself a bundle.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you for your information! I was going to buy the skeleton hand servers (seen in catalog) as a gift from Pottery Barn thinking they were a bit unique. They don't sell them from store,the website didn't list them, the store phone numbers were busy. I went on-line and found your info. about Target and saved myself some money. Pottery Barn has them listed as $19.00 and Target has them as $9.99!

    • Jeffrey Neal profile image

      Jeffrey Neal 

      8 years ago from Tennessee

      Wow, I really like these gothic skeleton salad servers! Good hub.


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