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Valentine's Day Roommate Rants

Updated on February 7, 2013
From Google!
From Google!

Valentine's Day Gift Blow up

Guess what, my roommate is back, but this time he screwed up. He failed to buy his girlfriend presents for Valentine's Day! Ouch! Hold on, before we jump to any conclusions, lets back this up about a week. It is Monday, February 8, 2010 and my roommate is behind on bills. First off, he has to pay his share of the rent (which obviously affects me, the roommate) and secondly, his truck broke down for the 3rd time this year, and he is already behind in payments from the first two malfunctions. So, with this in mind, he must work, and work constantly for he is a struggling server working for mere pennies.

Moving forward, his girlfriend calls him up and tells him that she is going to go out of town the upcoming weekend because they didn't have anything planned. He told her that it was fine and that he had to work on Valentine's Day anyway. So, the week passes, and he slowly pays off his debts, one by one, day by day and then on Friday she tells him that she wants to stay with him for the holiday. Awwww, isn't that sweet! He doesn't think much about the presents: one because he didn't have money for the reasons stated above, and two because she was planning to go out of town anyway. So guess what happens? Hahaha, you can almost see the planets align for this one!

Sunday, Valentine's Day, comes around. He gets off work at around 5:30 in the evening and is exhausted. She wants to go to Macaroni Grill at 7:00 sharp, and so he immediately gets ready and makes the dreaded deadline. They have a lovely dinner, music, good conversation, the 'in the moment' gaze...and then everything stops.

She say "I can't wait until you open my valentine's day gifts."

Time is suspended. He can't say anything. In his mind he's going idiot, idiot, idiot. And she is staring back, awaiting a response. He finally speaks, "Gifts?"

"Yeah, I got you some presents and something special for this evening. What, you didn't get me any presents?" She asks.

Now he's thinking to himself 'What do I say?' It is Valentine's Day for crying out loud.

"Well, I got some small stuff but I didn't actually get a valentine's day gift. I didn't think we were doing that," he finally responds.

"What? I was shopping all day the other day, I told you that. What did you think I was doing? I feel like such an idiot."


Needless to say, the rest of the evening didn't end up all warm and fuzzy.

Roommate Rants

Afterwards, my roommate was floored, perplexed, disturbed, and felt like crap. So he vented.

"Where did I go wrong?" He paused. "I mean, I don't have any money, she was going out of town, I still owe you money. I don't get it. I mean I got her the card, the flowers, a bottle of wine, and dinner. What else was I supposed to do?"

I responded (sarcastically, of course), "Well, I guess you should have bought her some presents."

He continued as if not hearing. "You know, if the situation was reversed, where I bought her gifts and she didn't get me anything, I wouldn't have react that way. I would be happy with a kiss on the cheek. Women. They never let anything slide. They are always on top of it, on top of everything."

He went on about Valentine's Day, explaining that it was a marketing scheme so that 'you' the male consumer had to spend all their money away. He went on to say that the holiday was all about the woman and the guy could care less.

On this particular issue, I must side with my roommate. And no, the reason I'm siding with him is not because I'm a guy and all that typical blah, blah, blah crap. In this particular case, I believe it was a failure in communication. My roommate's girlfriend never revealed to him how much the holiday really meant to her, and he assumed it was a causal celebration because of the way he perceived her actions. Looking at the circumstances, I can't say that I wouldn't have made the same assumptions.

Gentlemen, the moral of the story is this, remember always remember, to get her a gift on Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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    • drej2522 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Yep, Stimp...quite young...early 20s! Like you said, it is what it is!

    • Stimp profile image


      8 years ago from Upper Midwest

      Chicks always want a gift for every occasion. Having said that, everyone needs to be a little more sensitive to the financial situation of their date. IF she wanted a damn gift so badly, she might have considered cooking dinner....or having him cook dinner so that he could have saved the ching and bought her a gift. It is what it is. I'm guessing she is quite young.


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