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Safety During Your Child’s Birthday Party

Updated on October 24, 2012

Party safety is usually the main concern for parents when they are planning for their kid’s birthday party or when it is still going on. They therefore have to make sure that their medications and household cleaners cannot be reached by children. Contrary to hosting a birthday party outdoors where safety measures are taken care of, a birthday party held inside the house can pose great danger to the children.

However, there are some safety measures that are provided by various experts that will help you have a memorable Birthday party. Parents do provide their children with the best parties but unfortunately a child might get exposed to danger in the process of celebrating the day he/she was born. For example, some children get burnt while others are choked by food. It is the responsibility of parents to oversee that all goes well during the birthday party. Here are some of the things that you should bear in mind.

Enlist Someone to Help

A house help is necessary if you are married and you have a tight working schedule. However, you might find it difficult to host the party when your child invites his/her friends to the party and you don't have a house help. As a result you might find yourself in a predicament because you will not want to disappoint your child on his/her birthday. On the other hand you will not like to be held accountable when any child is hurt in the event of the birthday party.

This is why you should be present during your child’s birthday party so as to ensure safety. If your work is demanding, you can request one of your child’s friends parent to oversee it on your behalf. Birthday party safety is compulsory therefore you should not neglect it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the parent’s of the children who will be present in the party. The parents are willing to help, but they should be asked before they decide to help. In the event, one adult should be assigned to take care of every child attending the birthday party.

Child–Proof Your House

You have to baby-proof the house once again just like you did when the newborn baby was crawling but this time it has to be intensive. Cleaning, vacuuming and removing some of the objects that are dangerous in your house is what you must do to baby-proof your house. The next step is to get rid of all things that are breakable and then covering all the electrical outlets. Make sure that toilets, cupboards and drawers are latched. If there is anything else that you think is dangerous, keep it before the birthday party begins.

Keep the Birthday Party Alive!

You should keep the children busy throughout the party, join in the play ground if possible. Make sure that they don’t get bored because children get a lot of fun by engaging themselves in mischievous activities. When planning for the party activities you should not forget to spare some time to search for unique birthday gifts for kids. Such birthday gifts will make kids to be excited thus keeping the birthday party alive.

In short, everyone present in the party should have fun without exposing himself to danger. You have to follow the mentioned party safety tips to help promote nice times and prevent accidents at the same time. Therefore, you have to lay off latex balloons, serve safe munchies, get help from other parents, plan interesting activities and then child-proof your house.


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