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Saint Patrick's Day

Updated on March 21, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day , often called St. Paddy's Day or just Paddy's Day, a celebration of Christian origin, which is celebrated on March 17 each year in honor of St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland.

On 17 March a national holiday in the Republic of Ireland, and only for 2011, and is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland. Celebrations are also made on the island of Montserrat, in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, United States of America, Argentina and New Zealand. The parade features more "green" in the world are in Dublin (the largest in the world), Montreal (the largest in America and second only to Dublin in the world), Chicago and Boston.

The feast day for St Patrick was added to the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church at the beginning of the seventeenth century at the instigation of the historian and Franciscan friar, Luke Wadding was born in Waterford (south-east in Ireland) . The holy missionary, however, was already celebrated in some churches in Ireland for a long time ago.


Saint Patrick's Day often falls during the period of Lent. In the past, it also happened sometimes that just fell during Holy Week. It happened for example in 1940 and then the celebrations in honor of St. Patrick were moved to April 3, just to avoid that coincided with Palm Sunday. And again, in 2008, were deferred to March 15 for the same reason. St. Patrick's Day will not fall more during the Holy Week until 2160, when that will coincide with the Monday before Easter. In North America, where most of the population has Italian origins, the celebrations for St. Patrick's Day are often combined with those for San Giuseppe, feast which falls two days later on March 19.

Larger parties and features out of Ireland are celebrated in cities and nations with strong Irish component, like the U.S. (St Patrick is the patron saint of the city of Boston) and Canada (in the flag of the city of Montreal is also depicted a clover to witness the strong Irish presence in the city). The St. Patrick's Day is now celebrated in almost all over the world and not just by those who have Irish ancestry. The celebrations generally focus on everything that has to do with Ireland and the green (symbol of the island). On this day it is customary to eat food that color and dress the same shade. In particular, the clothes, for example, can not miss the clover. This practice was widespread at the start of the celebrations in honor of the saint, this is because the tradition says that he explained the Holy Trinity to the Irish pre-Christian through this plan with three leaves. As a result of wear green on March 17 and the clover itself, have become symbols of that giorno.Caratteristiche of Paddy's Day parades are for the streets, especially in Dublin, Canada and the United States. Every year the waters of the Chicago River (which flows in the town) are pure colors them green.


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