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Saint Patrick

Updated on February 16, 2016

Saint Patricks Day The True Meaning

Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland. He is known to have chased the serpents out of Ireland. Where there really serpents? My interpretation is that the serpents represented the devil. St Patrick used the Shamrock as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. He used the three leafs to explain the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Saint Patrick day is a day for Spiritual Renewal for the Irish. It is celebrated on March 17, which is believed to be the day St. Patrick died. It is a day to attend mass and offer prayers to missionaries before celebrating begins. For the Irish and many others St Patricks day is celebrated with parades, by wearing green, playing Irish music, singing songs, and eating Irish food and drink. Christianity coming to Ireland is a great reason to celebrate.

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    • profile image

      Irish Eyes 4 years ago

      I love Saint Patricks day. Thanks for the great read