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Santa Clause and Christmas Elves Costumes

Updated on December 3, 2012

It's Holiday time again and what better way to celebrate Christmas but with Santa Clause and Christmas elves costumes?

Well, I am assuming that the plural of Santa Claus is Clause or of course it could be Clauses but I don't like that word because it sounds like a contract!

It's not a word that is in the dictionary because as we all know, there only is one Santa Claus!

But when it comes to costumes and Christmas, ever department store has a grotto with a real Santa Claus giving out gifts to wide-eyed children, who have no idea that Mom paid for their gift before they started queueing up to see Santa.

If those stores had some Christmas spirit, they would give those gifts for free, to thank their parents for shopping there all year round.

So all those Santa Clause need costumes, as do their elves which are always in attendance. And yes elves is indeed the plural of elf (whew!).

Santa Clause costume
Santa Clause costume

So here he is - the great man himself! I'm not telling you whether or not this is the real Santa Claus or one of those Clause men, but here's a hint - he works for Amazon so what do you think?

The Regal Plush Santa Claus Suit with Beard and Wig Set comes in various sizes so no matter what size you are, there is sure to be one to fit. Look like a real Santa with this costume and bring a smile and a little happiness to the kids.

Join the Clause brigade this year with your very own Santa costume!

Nicely priced to make it more affordable, the Adult Economy Elf Set is perfect for all those wannabe elves out there. Why spend a fortune on a suit you will only get to wear once a year?

If you want to join the elves brigade you have to look the part, even if elves are traditionally midgets and not 5' 8" tall!

This is a his 'n hers matching set, so sorry but you both have to wear those costumes. A couple who fall apart over having to wear elves costumes are not destined to stay together anyway, so put your man to the test!

For those of you who want to splash the cash, consider the Deluxe Elf adult Costume instead.

Wearing a deluxe costume says that you are a man or woman of taste, and to whom money is no object!

It is also less likely to fall apart in the wash. After all, you never know what might get thrown over you while wearing this.

After all, Christmas elves are mischievous and always up to naughty things, like turning the milk sour or hiding the chickens! If you don't believe me, just look up 'history of elves' (or elfs seeing that some people can't spell).

In turn, there is every chance that every child you meet while wearing this elf costume might be tempted to be mischievous back, assuming they got taught the history of elves at school.

Now, there is NO WAY you will get away with wearing the adult size red and green tights shown here, UNLESS you are dressed as an elf!

So If you really want to wear them, if you think this is really your STYLE, please buy an elf costume to wear with them if you don't want to get laughed AT.

Buy the Deluxe Costume Elf Set, it is sure to last longer and you'll get to wear it on loads of occasions.

Santa Clause, Christmas elves, and Christmas tree costumes for all the family (including the dogs)!

So there we are, your one stop shop for Santa Clause and Christmas elves costumes.

Have a browse round the extra costumes shown here (but not commented upon).

Whether you are attending a Christmas party, have a job in a store's Grotto, or just like to dress up as either Santa or a Christmas elf, you have a selection of wonderful costumes to choose from.

The kids will love it if you just choose to wear them in the house on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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    • IzzyM profile image

      IzzyM 7 years ago from UK

      Only up until the 25th!

    • hubber-2009 profile image

      hubber-2009 7 years ago from India

      I think for the next fortnight Santa wil be busy everywhere...

    • IzzyM profile image

      IzzyM 7 years ago from UK

      I think you mean to say Sleigh License? You mean an ordinary car driving licence doesn't cover sleighs? Tsk!

    • Oliwia profile image

      Oliwia 7 years ago from New York

      Nice post! Make sure to get official North Pole Sleight License too.