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Motorcycle Santa Christmas Wallpapers

Updated on August 21, 2015

Biker Santa Christmas Wallpapers

There are a lot of hilarious wallpapers of Santa and his reindeer taking some down time after a hard working year culminating in the final day on Christmas Eve of delivering presents to everyone around the world. So it's not a surprise that there are some very cool wallpapers of Santa, and in some cases - his reindeer - getting out and doing some biking to relax together.

And like some of the Harley Davidson fans, they like to don the garb and look cool with some leather and dark glasses or shades. What's more funny and cool than that?

Many of the biker Santa wallpapers are humorous illustrations, but there are others that have a real Santa sitting on a real bike.

Some wallpapers are standalone bikes designed with a Christmas theme. One shown in this article even has a set of reindeer horns on the handlebars. Under the engine are a pair of sleigh runners to give the appearance of a motorcycle as a sleigh. Awesome!

As for the illustrative Santa motorcycle wallpapers, they represent a variety of looks, including Santa jumping over a row of reindeer; a reindeer driving in a sidecar with Santa; and Santa and his reindeer riding as a gang; among others.

For anyone wanting or needing a quick laugh or chuckle, there biker Santa and reindeer wallpapers are a must for the computer or other screen during the Christmas holiday season, or any time for that matter.

Wallpaper of Santa on Motorcycle

I'm sure there is one thing very few of us have ever thought about, and that is that the one place where Santa could go unnoticed would be among a group of bike riders; assuming he has on cool riding garb like this illustration below shows.

Unless you knew this article was about Santa being a biker specifically, you may not have known it was Santa, unless you happened to notice the "North Pole" logo on the back of his leather jacket. Maybe the scatter pine trees would have given a hint, and also the funny license plate with "Santa 1225" written on it. That refers to December 25 for those of you who may not have connected the dots there.

Minus the North Pole and Santa written on the jacket and license plate, this could have been any old bike rider with a red bandanna and long, white beard.

No matter. This is just a cool wallpaper that would look great on any computer screen or gadget. It would definitely cause some chuckles among those viewing it.

santa on motorcycle
santa on motorcycle | Source

Santa Riding Real Motorcycles

For those who prefer having their Santa's riding real motorcycles, here are a couple of wallpapers that fit that bill nicely.

Either one of these would look cool, although the top one is from an actual event and thus has the sense of a more natural and realistic look.

Santa's costume doesn't take away anything from the bike, and in fact, when taking into account his black boots, blends in with it.

These are great wallpapers in and of themselves, but if you have a motorcycle and access to a Santa costume, you could be the start of your own Santa motorcycle wallpaper, or even put together some images to create hilarious designs.

I could picture one of my grandma in a Santa suit and dark glasses sitting on a bike. How fun would that be to surprise everyone with on a screen you use?


Santa Riding Motorcycle with Gang of Reindeer

This is easily my favorite of all the wallpapers of Santa riding a motorcyle. Riding with his gang of reindeer is just too cool. All the leather jackets worn by the reindeer gives the impression of a North Pole outlaw gang. Lot's of fun there.

Now my only complaint is that Santa doesn't have a leather jacket or pants on over his suit, or that he didn't at least have some dark glasses on for the "cool" effect.

As mentioned earlier, the one thing Santa does have that goes with the riding are his cool boots.

Overall though this is a fantastic wallpaper that works really well and would be great to share with others.

santa and reindeer riding motorcycles together
santa and reindeer riding motorcycles together | Source

Motorcyle with Christmas Design and Theme

Next is a very cool bike with a Christmas design. this is the example mentioned earlier concerning the reindeer horns near the handle bars and the sleigh runners under the engine.

There's a lot more than that if you look closely. There's more of the sleigh runner look at the back of the motorcycle frame behind and alongside of the wheel.

The cone-shaped tree object in the middle also looks cool, as do the myriad of snowflake and other designs permeating the various parts of the motorcycle. Very cool.

motocycle christmas design and theme
motocycle christmas design and theme | Source

Reindeer Giving Santa Motorcycle for Gift

Finally we have this funny image of Santa's reindeer about to present Santa with a gift of a motorcycle.

The hooves of Rudolph over Santa's eyes are hilarious, as are the faces of the other two reindeer who have pushed the motorcycle to him for a surprise.

Going with the traditional red and green colors of Christmas, the reindeer bought Santa a red motorcyle and wrapped it with a big green ribbon and bow.

This wallpaper would also generate a lot of good will and laughs for those seeing it.

Santa Motorcycle Christmas Wallpapers

That completes our look at the "Santa Christmas motorcycle wallpapers." If you want to find more, just type that phrase in your search engine of choice and you'll get more interesting images to choose from.

For some reason Santa and motorcycles were made for each other. Maybe it's the way we imagine him riding around in his sleigh or his black belt buckle and boots that go with the riding garb many riders use.

Whatever the reason for it, Santa looks awesome riding a motorcycle, as do his reindeer. It's one group of wallpapers that bring levity and enjoyment throughout the day and Christmas season for those using them on their computers and other gadgets.


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