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Santas Special Christmas Message And Choice Of Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Updated on August 28, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Gifts From Santa

As explained in the video above from Santa himself (me and him are the best of friends!!) This is a collection of Santas own recommendations for last minute christmas gifts, Santas own personal choice pick of Christmas presents you may want to watch out for.

Christmas gifts are just as important for giving as they are recieving, so put some last minute thought into the last minute christmas gift you are going to buy someone special and if you don't like your presents give them to me your lord god Santa Clause, I'll find some use for them.

And kids, if you ever see me at Christmas time in the sky on my lovely Christmas sleigh with all of my lovely reindeer, then I'm afraid I will have to sell your presents on Ebay, because there's nothing worse than curtain twitching kids trying to see me when they're not supposed to....Stay in bed or no presents for you!!

Oh and also can you leave me a packet of mince pies out on Christmas eve, because a lot of people just give me the one and that's not enough to feed my family and instead of a drink of milk, can you leave a case of lager out that has been in the fridge and brought out at the very last minute too, because I am preparing to watch some Christmas TV over Christmas ok!...thanks!

Right let's have a look Ho ho ho!

Santas Special Christmas Message

Nintendo Wii Console Plus Starter Game Bundle

 The nintendo wii, which I always thought meant something else entirely is a great games console that I stole from under someones christmas tree, it's ok the kid was a bad kid who puked on his momma and found it funny, so I took it and have been burning the calories off with jumping around all over the place like some damn ninja with them nunchuks.

This particular Nintendo comes with a starter games bundle which is nice because I had to thieve a game from some other kid, who also was very naughty as he tried to light his own farts and blow away the christmas tree!

The Twilight Saga Books

The Twilight Saga Of Books

Twilight is one of them popular books that I have seen all over my factory, the elves every now and then get caught reading them before they get wrapped up, I quickly put them in their place...I EMPLOY THEM FOR CHEAP LABOUR!!!

About vampires and a love story of all things, I have not read it personally but everyone is raving about it and the films that have just started to come out with the first one, seems like a load of rhubarb to me, I mean pasty faced teenage vampires, where's Dracula?.

This is the collected saga of twilight books.

Batman: The Dark Knight 2 Disc Special Edition

Heart Shaped Pendant

 I bought something similar for mrs santa the other week for Christmas, although it seems like it's real chunky it isn't.

Like many pendants and necklaces you can sort of adjust the size of the fit by clipping the clip further up the chain, especially if the mrs has a fat neck or 8 dangling chins.

You could write a small note with it saying how much you are in my heart and all that love and romance stuff.

The Dark Knight DVD

 Batman has come along way from the terrible Batman and Robin film that ruined things for awhile in the bat franchise, Batman begins set things up better from a director that cared about the characters involved and emotionally invests enthusiasm into the first and sequel film the Dark Knight.

The Joker is back, although making his first appearance in film since the batman cartoons and that Jack Nicholson scene stealer in the late 80's.

Heath Ledger blows Jacks performance out of the water with style and it was good to see the Joker like he is in the comics with nothing to lose as the psychopath that he is.

Buy Me Santa Online!!

Since I am regarded as a god, bow now before me and buy my image, whether that be a Santa figure or a Santa doll, you can worship me as the new god, one who will not judge but will ask if you give me at least one of your presents each year then I will be happy with you, because I am Santa!

Kneel before my sack!

Special Xmas Gifts On Ebay

I've recently found Ebay after trying to sell the mrs on there but they wouldn't let me. It has lots of great xmas treats and gifts for all the family, I might even treat myself too once I've cashed in on all the naughty childrens Christmas presents, I've opted for Buy It Now on Ebay, should sell pretty quick!

Anyhow, do look over at Ebay, because you never know what you might find at this lovely place, I once found a vibrating sausage over there and it did wonders for my neck and not to mention all the willy warmers you can find over there.

Santas Christmas List Of Gifts - Leave A Note For Me And I'll Get Back To You

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    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Yep santa was drinking a bit too much in that video.

      Yep some people start early with Christmas, but I don't oh well!!

    • Ruby J Jones profile image

      Ruby J Jones 8 years ago

      Yes, I do believe that santa was dipping in the egg nog a bit early! It really is a shame that our stores have had christmas things out since august!

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Yeah it's getting earlier and earlier to buy last minute Christmas gifts, soon we shall have to buy them for the after life in advance!!!

    • robertsloan2 profile image

      robertsloan2 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      You know what is scary about this? The week after Halloween being "The Last Minute" to buy Christmas gifts. Like no one gets December paychecks!

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Probably was drunk!

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Is this Santa drunk lol. Good selection of pressies here