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Save The Rhino Day

Updated on April 28, 2011

Save The Rhino Day

Save The Rhino Day takes place on the 1st May every year. The day is important as it serves to draw attention to the plight of the Rhinoceros in the wild. The Rhino is in trouble, big trouble and in spite of huge efforts to protect it it is still being poached every year.

The 'Save The Rhino Day' is different from 'World Rhino Day' which takes place on September the 22nd. Two special days for one animal? And why not? They are special!

Big money is involved in rhino poaching . The Rhinoceros horn is worth more than its weight in gold and so people are drawn to the chance of easy money. The Rhino horn is cut from the unfortunate animal after it has been killed. The horn itself is made up of keratin and so is not really any different in composition to human finger nails.

Sadly though the horn is in demand for the manufacture of traditional dagger handles in Yemen and to supply the traditional medicine market in the Far East. Human greed is being fed at the expense of the lives of these wonderful and magnificent animals.


Rhinoceros Profile


Rhino Species

There are just five species of Rhinoceros.

  • White Rhinoceros - Ceratotherium simum - Near Threatened

(Whereas I say there are just FIVE species of Rhinoceros, recent work on the DNA has shown that the Northern and Southern races of the White Rhinoceros are in actual fact different species. So now it seems we have SIX species...we await the books to be re-written. This news makes the Northern White Rhinoceros very rare indeed and it may well be extinct in the wild.)

  • Black Rhinoceros - Diceros bicornis - Critically Endangered

Which are found in Africa. And....

  • Indian/Greater One Horned Rhinoceros - Rhinoceros unicornis - Vulnerable
  • Sumatran Rhinoceros - Dicerorhinus sumatrensis - Critically Endangered
  • Javan Rhinoceros - Rhinoceros sondaicus - Critically Endangered

Which all occur in Asia.


What To Do On Save The Rhino Day?

On Save The Rhino Day you should make people aware of the plight of these magnificent animals. Send a Tweet, put a message on Facebook let people know.

Visit your local zoo. See the Rhino's, here them, smell them, experience being close to them. Speak to the keepers. Time permitting a Rhino keeper likes nothing more than to talk about the animals they care for.

You can learn more about Rhinoceros Conservation by visiting this WEBSITE

Rhino At Home on the Range


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