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Save the Earth on Earth Day

Updated on April 18, 2015

Malaysia Ecotourism

View from the canopy walk
View from the canopy walk | Source

Celebrating Earth Day

It is hoped that people will do things to help save the environment. The day was founded in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson. He was alarmed at the oil spill that had happened in Santa Barbara, California. Santa Barbara is a beautiful place and it was a terrible thing. The environmental impact was devastating. Having more events like that could ruin a great deal of the water and land.

It is important on the day that everyone knows that we are working together to saved the Earth. Every little bit helps. It may be fun for the kids to go and get their faces painted. But the real point of the day might remain a little cloudy. Supporting efforts to save the environment needs everyone's help. It would be nice if some people could bicycle or ride public transportation to the events. It is difficult sometimes to see all the people with their vehicles making the area
more polluted.

There are many books that you can get about ecology and the environment. There are children's books that explain the plight of the Earth. Children understand that the rainforest is important to the Earth. Teaching children is important to help the future of the planet Earth. They are the ones that will change what the future has in store. Many kids are quite alarmed at the state of the Earth and the pollution.

A nice way to celebrate would be to go on a trip to the outdoors in the United States to one of the many parks. There is also the new ecotourism interest. People are visiting the rainforest in Brazil and other interesting locations. They want to visit it before it is gone.

Rainforest Brazil



Deforestation in the Rainforest Map


Volunteering and Helping Out

One thing you can do to help is to work or volunteer at places that help the environment. They can also use donations. I worked at NYPIRG in New York. We were doing fundraising for a membership drive. We also worked on working against mercury pollution in the state of New York. There was a bill that was going to go before the governor of the state. It was signed and passed. NYPIRG has different legal people that work on helping the environment. It is run by students. All of the states have different PIRGS that work on environmental issues. The legal help can really do something.

NYPIRG had also worked on trying to control a power plant that was polluting the water, etc. in upstate New York state. The Mohawk tribe also protested against it. Unfortunately, they tried but could not do a lot to stop it.

There are other organizations you can give to that help the environment. they include the Sierra Club. It has a great calendar. The World Wildlife Fund helps endangered animals.

Ways to Help

You can help by picking up garbage around your area. Sometimes people get together and have something like a beach clean up day. They have announcements about them on Craigslist or on Meetup. Mother Earth will thank you. People sometimes leave garbage around on the sides of the street and the sidewalk on or near trees and flowers. Taking anything like that off makes a big improvement. It shows people that it is not the right thing to do.

Take care of your own garbage in an environmentally friendly manner. That all helps. Driving a car that does not guzzle gas or riding a bicycle helps.

More work still needs to be done. There are many more problems. The world's problems are getting worse. Have a joyful Earth Day celebration.

Leonardo DiCaprio is working with the United Nations on Global Warming.

Planet Earth Amazing Nature Scenery

Lake Charles Colorado


NASA Earth Day

NASA had people send in from all over the world their locations pictures on Earth Day at Gigapan website.
NASA had people send in from all over the world their locations pictures on Earth Day at Gigapan website. | Source

Ten Indications of Warming

Global Warming US Government
Global Warming US Government | Source

Success Stories

Both New York City and Los Angeles have become cities with less pollution because of work that has been done to stop it. The sky is much clearer. Water is also better in New York City than it was before.

People have worked against using chemicals to stop insects and it has helped.

They know that cars emissions need to be controlled and there are laws to help to stop the pollution from cars.

Our Living Planet

Map of North and South America

Antique map from the 1930s with animals
Antique map from the 1930s with animals | Source

Wild Animals

Click thumbnail to view full-size
OtterOwlRed FoxDeerRaccoonPolar Bear and CubsBuffaloAmerican Bald EagleBuffaloAmerican Bald Eagle
Otter | Source
Owl | Source
Red Fox
Red Fox | Source
Deer | Source
Raccoon | Source
Polar Bear and Cubs
Polar Bear and Cubs | Source
Buffalo | Source
American Bald Eagle
American Bald Eagle | Source
Buffalo | Source
American Bald Eagle
American Bald Eagle | Source


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

      We should all do our part on Earth Day and every day. I enjoyed your hub. The photo of that raccoon was especially lovely.

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