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Say thanks to Nature too on Thanksgiving Day

Updated on November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving with a difference

Along with family and friends, on Thanksgiving we can say thanks to our Mother Nature too for all its valuable gifts and resources that she has given to us. That too, by not just doing anything extra but just making some choices that are eco-friendly. Be it hosting a meal, decorations or exchanging gifts, just a little bit of conscious approach will do it all and also reflect your taste and thoughtfulness. Also, the choices that are healthier for environment are very healthy for you too.

Foremost, if you are cooking vegetarian by having mercy on Turkey and use it symbolically in your decorations, you are doing a big favor to save Turkeys from their farming. Did you think of ‘Tofurkey’ as a perfectly healthy vegetarian alternative? Brilliant! Mashed potatoes, pumpkin pies, sautéed and seasoned vegetables, salads, soups, there are so many seasonal and healthy alternatives with richer taste and variety to pick from. There are so many vegetarian recipes on the Internet and in the vegetarian cook books.

Talk of Vegetarian cook book, couldn’t this be an ideal gift which healthful, inspirational and promoting nature friendliness! The gift ideas could be small gift baskets to your containing beeswax candles, organic eatables anything from soups to chocolates, organic wines, organic soaps, natural facial kits, essential oils for aromatherapy, eco-bags, eco-bottles, there is enormous out there for you to choose from. This will be different from the clichéd consumerism. Small but thoughtful is beautiful because it is natural and healthful.

What more for doing decorations you can engage children in creative exercises and even adults can join them for their share of fun and recreation. This also inculcates team work, bonding while exploring new creative possibilities and talent.

On the other hand if you choose handicrafts from NGOs or properly channeled groups who give the art and labor equity to the artisans, you will promote these businesses and living standards of the poor craftsmen.

Thank for all the good things in your life and do something good to others and your Mother Nature. You will feel more accomplished!


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