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Saying goodbye to another year

Updated on January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Ringing in the New Year

We all enjoy being surrounded with family and good friends as we celebrate during the holiday season. After all the joy and cheer of the Christmas season we shared with family and friends we now look to counting down to the start of a new year. As we say goodbye to the current year passing and we ring in the new year coming we reflect on all that we experienced and shared during the past year and we greet the new year with hopeful anticipation. We also make plans to make positive change in our life which we try to stick to in the new year which is known as our resolution.

It seems that as we look to a new year we become a bit sad saying goodbye to the current year because we are now a year older and it seems that time is passing by so quickly and we have no control over it. I have always felt a bit sad at this time of year as we say goodbye but I also feel hopeful that the new year will bring better days ahead. The future is always a bit uncertain and we don't know what lies ahead but we continue to strive to do our best and live our lives as we always have hoping that we will find happiness, success, love, friendship, faith and comfort as we experience the new year. It seems 365 days is a long time yet as we witness another year passing we seem puzzled how fast the year has passed us by so quickly.

When we ring in the new year I prefer spending the day at home with my family in a peaceful and quiet setting as we watch the craziness of Time Square from our tv set in our livingroom. I never felt the need to visit NYC on New Year's Eve as there are way too many people there and the night is usually very cold. It's more fun watching from the comfort of home. If we are invited to celebrate at a family member's or a friend's house we will usually go and share in the celebration which is fun also.

As another year passes by it reminds me of the inevitable change we will encounter in our life and that we are witnesses to time movement and the lives of others who are part of our life. As I get older I feel a bit wiser and a bit more reflective and as I see my son growing my hope is to provide him with our love and support always and to help him grow and achieve and find happiness and confidence in his life. We all live for our children and we want to protect them always.

My hope is to ring in enough new years with my wife and son to share our lives together for many years to come and share in our son's triumphs, his challenges and his joys. I want to be there with my wife to see our son graduate high school, go on to college, find something he loves, see him achieve success in college, attend his college graduation, see him land his first career position after college, see him with his first girlfriend, attend his wedding with my wife and share in the joys of their first baby. This is every parents dream for their child and we have the same dreams and hopes for our son who means everything to us.  

As we wait in anticipation of the new year we hold on to hope and the promise of happy times to come and we appreciate all the times we have with our family and friends and are thankful for each and every day we have with our family.

Happy New Year!

Edward D. Iannielli III

Auld Lang Syne

Emily Iannielli wishes you all a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Abba


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