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Scare Everyone and be an Evil Clown for Halloween

Updated on March 31, 2015

The evil clown is one of my all time favorite scary characters. There is so much you can do with the whole 'creepy clown circus' idea for Halloween. One thing I have noticed over the years, is that not everybody reacts well to clowns. Unless you know who your scaring, be careful. I have had some people who have really gotten scared and others who were very angry with me. Many of my other Halloween pranks have not had such a strong reaction. Being an adult now, I only go after my older friends and family. My advice to you is leave the kids out of the fun, unless you know they can handle it. If you do, they may end up being terrified of every clown they see. Or worse yet, end up like me!

When I was in my twenties, I spent several years working for a local haunted house and a Halloween supply store. I have personally added some quality products from amazon, for you to check out. As with most products we buy, the more expensive the product, the better the quality will be. This is especially true for evil clown Halloween masks.

This baby scares me!
This baby scares me!

The First Evil Clown?

Philip Astley created the first circus clown in 1786, in England. Although court jesters have been around for thousands of years, this was the beginning of the clown we know today. I wonder if Astley had any clue, that what he created for fun, laughs and entertainment, would be turned into one of western cultures biggest fears. When was the first evil clown purposely created? I could not find a definite answer to this question, but I imagine it could have been by accident. Maybe at one of those shows back in 1786, during the last performance of the day, it started raining. After the act, one of the clowns started back to his trailer. His make-up was running every which way and made his face look like a twisted, deformed, mess of pure evil. He turns around the corner of the tent, and a little boy waiting for his mother is standing there. The little boy looks up at the clown and screams bloody murder. Thus it was born, the legendary evil clown!

Some Things You Might Need

OK, you got your evil clown costume all set and ready to go, but how are you going to put your own scary spin on it? One of the best ideas you can do, especially for a Halloween party, is to make a funhouse. Depending on your budget, you can really go all out or just make it simple. A dark basement with some sheets hung up for walls makes a good backdrop. Here is a potential list of props you could use.

  1. Seltzer bottle, filled with red water or your choice of gross liquid.
  2. Mirrors, creates confusion if you have a bunch.
  3. Squeaky horn. All clowns, good or evil, need one.
  4. Black Lights, black light paint for sheets.
  5. Annoying sounds such as; evil laughs, screams, carnival music, high pitched whistles.
  6. Whipped cream pies to throw. Put your own gory toppings on!
  7. Juggling balls or pins, to set the scene.
  8. Anything else you can relate to clowns.

Evil Clown Scares for Halloween

Here are a few ideas to scare your unsuspecting victims. This one works well with the funhouse idea. Have your host direct someone to find the evil clown in the funhouse (or anywhere else) by following the sound of the squeaky horn. Have someone else hide in the funhouse with the squeaky horn. As soon as the participants find the fake horn squeaker, you sneak up behind em' and scare away. Here is a idea I have done before with awesome results. I dressed up as a evil clown for Halloween one year. I had a silly costume and a really creepy mask, similar to 'Chopper the Clown'. I did the classic 'happy clown' makeup on my face. So people would get to the party and see Mr. Happy Clown. I would make up a reason for someone to turn away for a split second, pull the mask from the back of my clown suit, put it on and as soon as they turn back around, SCREAMS! galore. I didn't get everybody I tried it on, but some people really got freaked out. You got to be good though, give no inclination that your up to anything, talk in a normal voice, normal conversation. "Oh Mark, could you hand me my drink behind you please?" That's when you get em'! Multiple evil clowns are better than one. If you can get someone else to team up with, the possibilities are endless.

Evil Clown Wrap Up

Being a evil clown for Halloween can be lots of fun. There are endless possibilities for the make-up. Evil clown masks are made by almost all the major Halloween costume suppliers, so you're never going to run out of options. Clown clothing seems to be the one accessory that I have not seen many options for. I say this in almost all my Halloween hubs, "don't underestimate the local thrift stores". I was at a Goodwill the other day and saw an old pair of XXL suspenders, a red and white flannel shirt, several bow ties from yesteryear, old top hats, and all kinds of stuff that would go really well with the evil clown idea. Be creative, be original, and scare everyone you can on Halloween. Don't be afraid to let your evil clown side come out and play!

Happy Halloween boys and girls!
Happy Halloween boys and girls!

What is the best Evil Clown movie of all time?

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    • profile image

      csmall1978 6 years ago

      i don't know i think that the scene in it in the library with the stupid laugh was a good one too!!!

    • freetowrite profile image

      freetowrite 7 years ago from Everywhere!

      That's my favorite as well!

    • mimind profile image

      mimind 7 years ago from THE UNITED STATES

      Woohoo I got to vote first. Beware the popcorn in the laundry basket!