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Scuba Gear Gifts

Updated on February 19, 2011

Best Scuba Gear Gifts

Scuba (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) diving and associated activities are popular pastimes for many people around the world. A scuba diver only needs a few tanks of air, so when the time comes for gift-giving it can be challenging to pick out suitable purchases. Fortunately I have done some research. Unfortunately I know nothing about scuba diving, so I have carefully restricted my studies to tchotchkes, trinkets, baubles, and other potentially useless gewgaws that are not directly related to underwater survival.

You can trust my judgment of the best selling scuba diving novelties: I won't try to sell you on anything that's actually required for breathing beneath the surface of the sea.

Read on to learn about cool and amusing scuba stuff guaranteed to put a smile on the face of all the divers on your gift list. You may not be able to actually see the smile because their mask may obscure their facial features, but you'll know in your heart that you've done a good thing. Many fun scuba-related stuff is available online. Have a good time shopping and there's no need to come up for air!

Scuba Tank KeyChain with 12 O-rings

Evidently scuba drivers need some O-rings. They also have keys. The keys are probably used to lock up their expensive car that they used to tow their expensive boat to the boat bock. This fun and colorful gift combines these two essential scuba diving accessories. The keyring securely secures 12 O-rings and can also be be used to hold car keys or boat keys.

I don't know what the O-rings are for. Certainly if you give this gift to an avid scuba diver, they will know what to do with them. A typical O-ring application is to provide a semi-permanent seal between moving parts, thereby preventing gasses or liquids from leaking.

Don't ask them what they do with the O-rings - they may tell you.

The tiny replica scuba tanks can be ordered in blue or silver, both popular colors with most scuba divers. The O-rings can be upgraded to Nitrox with Viton. That probably has meaning to anyone who has ever deployed an O-ring prior to a dive.

Blue Scuba Monkey Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

In the immortal words of Colonel Kilgore in the immortal movie Apocalypse Now:

"Charlie don't surf!"

The Colonel may also have said:

"Monkeys don't scuba dive!"

We can only speculate as to why a scuba diving blue plush toy in the shape of a grinning monkey might be a meaningful gift for a human scuba diver, but our speculations would probably be wildly inaccurate.

In the interest of total disclosure, the monkey is actually snorkeling. We couldn't locate a true scuba diving monkey. That product niche has yet to be filled.

Bath Toys: The Adventures of Flip the Diver and his Submarine

Scuba divers take baths. Scuba divers need stuff to play with in the tub: their expensive equipment doesn't double as tub toys. To that end, an enterprising manufacturer came up with a set of authentic tub toys modeled after a scuba diving super hero. This fellow solves aquatic crimes in his little red submarine. He makes bath time into fun time.

It may seem odd that scuba drivers feel the need to bathe, given that they spend their time immersed in water swimming around all day long. You'll get no argument from me.

Scuba Divers Flag License Plate

Should you find a brand-new scuba diver on your gift list, don't even bother to give them this gift. I think that a "Diver down" license plate and license plate holder are the first two things given to new divers when they enroll in diving classes at the local community college.

It's a state law that all divers proudly display this semaphore on their expensive car when they tow their expensive boat to the dock. Ordering this for any scuba diver wold be a duplication of effort, unless their particular expensive car sits very low to the ground and is always scraping off the novelty license plates. In that case, order several of these plates as backup gifts for future holidays.

SCUBA DIVER Wall Clock diver dive fins mask gift

Here are two very cool clocks. The first clock has a beautiful picture of an underwater scene, probably not taken in the pool at the local community college. There's also a diver in the picture. The timekeeping mechanism operates on only one AA battery, which is available at most any dive store or drug store. Every avid diver will love hanging this on the wall of their living room.

The second clock has the ubiquitous Diver Down logo on it, as required by UN regulations.

Lee Hiller Designs Holidays Christmas - Tropical Santa and Rudolph Scuba Diving Coffee Gift Basket

Drivers do drink coffee, mainly because the water in which they dive is typically not potable. This adorable gift basket includes luscious coffee flavors that will tease the taste buds of any waterlogged drinker. A quality mug and some delicious cookies are also included. Send a few of these thoughtful baskets to all the divers on your gift list. Everyone will find something they like.

Even the toughest and most dedicated divers need to surface periodically for coffee and cookies. This complete gift basket will be a welcome sight after a long day of swimming with the fishes.


Divers don't play with dolls, but they are known to dabble in action figures. GI Joe represents the epitome of toughness and patriotism embodied in a 12 inch bendable figure. "Torpedo" wears a totally in black wetsuit. He lugs around a complete set of scuba gear and a fierce diving mask. He packs a respirator, a gear pack, and GI flippers. His weapons of choice are diving knife, machine gun, and harpoon gun. Don't mess with him under any circumstances.

Poly Resin Xmas Ornament / Honu Scuba Diving

Novelty Christmas ornaments are always welcome as gifts. This adorable scuba diving terrapin will bring a smile to every human diver on your gift list. He sports a little snorkle on his smiling face. From the top of his shell extends an eye hook, to which is attached a string. The string is perfect for hanging this ornament from your Christmas tree or even from your fireplace mantle.

Divers dream of swimming with ancient turtles in exotic places throughout the world. Turtles represent a significant part of Earth's history. They provide a connection with the past. Many turtle species are endangered: give a turtle made of resin to your favorite diver.


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