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Seattle Adventures On Memorial Day

Updated on May 28, 2011

Spring Time In Seattle

Spring time is one of the best times in Seattle, if I do say so myself. Every deciduous tree is blooming, every flower, weed and bush are sprouting. There is definitely no shortage of color or fragrance in Seattle springs.

On top of that, Memorial Day weekend is often the kick off to some of the best Seattle festivals and activities. It triggers the beginning of a beautiful time to be in Seattle to celebrate heritage, culture, fun and music.

So if you live here, or you're visiting and looking for something to do in Seattle on memorial day weekend, here is a short list to help you find something fun to do.

Folklife Festival

Folklife is one of the most anticipated festivals for Seattlites. It's one of the few events that takes every last bit of culture and puts it all in one place for everyone to enjoy. With more than 4 stages, you'll have plenty of various types of music concerts to enjoy. On top of the several booths run by the various local radio stations.

The food is divine, even though you'll have to pay the price of festival food, and it definitely rivals any other Seattle festival as far as the food goes. Only the bite of Seattle has more for the tastebuds to explore.

Thankfully, Folklife is almost always on the last weekend in May, which means you can almost always look forward to enjoying folklife on memorial day weekend. Friday is the busiest day to go, as most Seattle natives will go on that day, while Monday will probably be the easiest stroll through the center.

Either way, whether your going solo or bringing the kids, this is an event not to be missed. It's free admission, and there is more than enough for everyone to do.

Sasquatch Music Festival

On par with Folklife, the Sasquatch music fest is all about the music. This fest goes from
Friday the 27th, till Memorial day itself and features some of the regions most famous groups, and the occasional national artist or two.

The Sasquatch festival is well known as a place to go and have some family fun. Grab some grub and find yourself a spot at your favorite stage, then let the kids dance there hearts out for the rest of the day.

Museum of Flight

Some of our countries greatest veterans were the ones who commanded the air in the great steel birds of the sky. Because of this, the Museum of Flight makes sure to capitalize on Memorial day weekend.

On Memorial day itself, at noon, they will host a very special ceremony dedicated to remembering our veterans and the amazing evolution in the art of flight. It's a great day to come and bring the kids to check out the museum, and is always on of my son's favorite places to visit on memorial day. They will also have lots of fun going all weekend, so that you are ensured a chance to come and visit.

Memorial Day Parade

Heading down town on Memorial day is a sure fire way to catch the Memorial Day Parade, whether you intend to or not. The parade only takes on broad st and alaskan way, but always seems to have a way of blocking up most of downtown Seattle.

The parade starts at 10:30am and will honor several famous veterans in it's wake. In this parade you'll see some of Seattle's finest drill teams, veteran groups, childrens military groups and more. This is a great event to take the kids to, but make sure you bring some money for the street vendors. Cause it's never as much fun as when you can enjoy the parade with some noise makers and cotton candy.


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    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      informative, Memorial bring saddness and some happiness also. great hub