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Second-Time+ Brides: Bridal-Party Rules that $AVE Money!

Updated on October 6, 2015
This is one smart second-time+ bride and groom!
This is one smart second-time+ bride and groom!

Second-time+ Brides: Bridal Party Rules Will $AVE You $$$!

Second+ weddings are different. The rules change, as well they should! There are traditions that remain in the realm of the first-time bride and one of them is the bridal party, in the traditional sense.

By that I mean that formal and semi-formal weddings usually have large bridal parties--on average, five bridesmaids and five groomsmen. Now add up the flowers you'll need for 10 people, and then add on their dates and/or spouses, whom you'll be feeding (not to mention the beverages they'll consume) and you've spent a boat-load of money!

These guys are out for second-time+ weddings!
These guys are out for second-time+ weddings!

How the Second+ Wedding Changes the Game-Plan!

When it comes to second+ weddings, it's only appropriate for the bride- and groom-to-be to have one attendant each. That means a maid or matron of honor for the bride and best man for the groom.

There are no groomsmen/ushers (just have friends who are attending the wedding do the honors), bridesmaids, flower girls or ring-bearer (or their parents, whom you had to invite the first time, if they weren't family members).

Just think of the money you've saved!

No showers, either!
No showers, either!

Bridal Parties and Other Pre-Wedding Celebrations

Traditionally, the maid (matron) of honor hosts a shower for the bride, while the best man hosts the bachelor party. But when it comes to second+ weddings, showers are out.

If you'd like to have a bachelor/bachelorette party, why not? But in this case, everyone should pay their own way, even the bride- and groom-to-be.

* Engagement parties do not require guests to extend gifts to the engaged couple, but most do. Therefore, for second+ weddings, I don't advise them. (Again, think of the money your family has saved.)

Will you be my best man? (The only attendant for the second-time+ groom-to-be.)
Will you be my best man? (The only attendant for the second-time+ groom-to-be.)

Big Bridal Parties = BIG Money!

Second+ weddings give you the perfect out when it comes to those BIG bridal parties. Heck, it's just not appropriate--as you tell your friends/family when they ask why they are NOT going to be a bridesmaid or groomsman.

Second+ weddings should be as beautiful and meaningful as the first time you walked down that glorious aisle! The problem today is the economy and money... and the rules for second-time+ weddings give you the opportunity to $ave more than you ever imagined!

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