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Hidden Wedding Costs That Can Break the Bank!

Updated on October 6, 2015
Don't let this happen to YOU!
Don't let this happen to YOU!

The Wedding Budget: Caution!

The best value when it comes to your wedding dollars is the "packaged" sit-down, lunch, brunch or dinner.

This means that everything you need for your wedding reception is included in one price, per person (for lunch, brunch or dinner), from the appetizer to the dessert. Some packages even include a champagne toast and the wedding cake. They're a great deal!

Let's say that you book a dinner package that costs $50.00 per person, and you're anticipating 100 people. Naturally, you'd budget $5,000 for food... sounds wonderful, but wait...

Are there secret costs that can throw your budget awry?

Poor piggy bank!
Poor piggy bank!

Charges That Are Overlooked...

What most caterers and property managers don't tell you at the time you're considering their services is about the service charges, gratuities and taxes which are added at the time the contract is negotiated and signed. (And maybe you've already left a deposit to reserve their services, which means there's no backing out!)

These charges can be as high as 28% or more!

Your food budget has just gone from $5,000 to $6,400... a major jump! And probably one that you weren't anticipating.

Ask the right questions about ALL vendor/venue charges before establishing a viable wedding budget!
Ask the right questions about ALL vendor/venue charges before establishing a viable wedding budget!

Always Include Taxes, etc. When Budgeting

Catering properties and caterers are the worst when it comes to adding taxes, gratuities, and service charges and these can add up to thousands of dollars, which is why they must always be a part of your wedding budget.

But it's the same for all vendors, so be careful. While the band will not charge you a gratuity or service charge, for example, you may be responsible for sales tax, which can be as high as 8% or more! (And when it comes to bands, NEVER pay a union tax; that's their responsibility!)

Moral of the Story: Ask each vendor/venue that you reserve for your wedding for an estimate of ALL charges and include them in your wedding budget before you sign on that dotted line or give a deposit to reserve their services!

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