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September Carnival in Sabac

Updated on February 8, 2015

The Carnival

The Carnival takes place every year in September as part of traditional Sabac's "Civijada" and during Sabac's fair and lasts three days. During these period visitors can attend children's carnival, international carnival and pets' carnival. Over forty carnival companies take part in it and there are altogether over a thousand participants. Great atmosphere and cheerful people gather many others to give importance to the event. Festive mood takes over and people are in similar spirit for three days. Usually three-day celebration encircles Friday and two days of the weekend when most people do not work and when many of them can let themselves enjoy a great atmosphere and meet with friends and relatives. The Carnival itself begins at 5 p.m. and starts with participants' parade through the pedestrian zone which is located in the city center. The manifestation is opened by hosts of the city of Sabac and their international friends. Then, begins the colourful current of various costumes and versatile artistic ideas. Hundreds of visitors from every part of the country gather to attend September Carniaval where they enjoy observing people of different age having a great time.

There are large numbers of outdoor cafes where you can sit and have a drink and at the same time take a break and celebrate from much more comfortable position. All of them are located around the main parade so you will not miss anything.


Participants wear hand-made costumes which represent a successful collaboration among people of different professions. It is comprised mainly of language, art and music teachers but help is appreciated from every side. Since there are many schools which take part, students spend their free time preparing for the carnival with their teachers. If you want to be part of it you have to make a choreography for your performance and when the parade is over, contestants take over the stage and do their best in front of a large crowd. When the performances are over, the best performance is proclaimed. Being the finest gives them an amazing opportunity to travel with their group to another country and be part of another carnival which provides unforgettable experience and memories.

Origin of Carnival's Name

"Civijada" illustrates spirit and willingness of people who live in this area to make jokes and wisecrack at someone else's or their own expense. It is said that once upon a time a prince came in Sabac and when he was due to start his return journey a rogue ripped a pin out of a wheel and the prince found himself in dirt. Since then people of Sabac are called "Civijasi" or " Tricky people" especially around Carnival time.

Returnees and newcomers

Judging from previous carnival seasons, each year more and more visitors are attracted to Sabac and its days of celebration. A great number of them return every year and bring newcomers.To careful observer nothing can pass by unnoticed. According to them, returnees act as guides to newcomers and it is a real pleasure in watching them explain and show the most exciting parts of the carnival.

The well-known Sabac's Fair

A place where you can buy anything for any occasion. If you want to see everything it offers it is the best solution to go there without companions. It is widely known that every person has different interests and eventually your paths are going to split. Women will desire to find labelled clothes at low prices and this is the place where only that kind of clothes are sold. Men will shop for gadgets and spare parts. Most of the time you will be bewildered by the fact that these devices and clothes are cheap but completely new and you will keep returning for more.

There are many piles of these goods and you will need about a week to look through everything if you do not want to miss any special pieces.

The best bit of all is when you gather together after the search and review the purchased items.

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