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Seven Ways to Treat Your Mom on Mother's Day

Updated on May 7, 2011

Seven Ways to Treat your Mom on Mother's Day

          May 8, 2011 Sunday Mother's Day. Are you still wondering what to give your mom on mother's Day? If you already have a gift for your mom, great, but you might want to add some more, so here are my seven ways to treat your Mom on Mother's Day. 1) If you live far and can't be there for your Mom, CALL HER. Try to find time to call her, let her know how much you care for her and how much you love her. Have a real conversation with her, make her laugh, make her feel important and share a story that will make her happy. Tell her that you're planning to see her soon.   2) Plan on SPENDING THE WEEKEND WITH HER. Maybe, you haven't done that for a long time and this is your time to do it. You don't know how much your Mom will appreciate that if you do show up on her doorstep this weekend. Your call might be important but to see you in flesh and blood is more loving. 3) The first thing you can do on Mother's Day is to take your Mom FOR A WALK. Maybe you can walk at a nearby park or a beach is perfect. This is what you call a bonding time. I'm sure your Mom will love it, there's no doubt about it. This walking will create a lot of memories and joy to your Mom. 4) If your  Mom goes to Church on a regular basis, this is the perfect time to TAKE HER TO CHURCH. Spend time together kneeling down and in prayer. I'm sure your Mom will be praying for you and you'll do the same. What a very nice thing to see, a Mom and her son/daughter together in prayer. 5) TAKE HER TO THE NEAREST MALL TO SHOP. Buy her something nice, maybe a dress, a pair of shoes or a piece of jewelry. That would be nice. The most important thing is you and Mom shopping together. Spend money for your Mom, it's Mother's Day. Make her love you more. 6) TAKE HER TO LUNCH AND DINNER. Make her your only date for the day. This is another time for bonding. Have a nice meal with her, order her favorite menu, offer a glass of wine if she drinks and don't forget her favorite dessert. Just spend some quality time with her.  7) When you get home, don't let her go straight to her room to sleep, spend as much time as you can. If she likes watching TV, watch with her and continue communicating when there's TV commercial. Enjoy watching with her, laugh with her and just be there. If your Mom doesn't like watching TV, then this is the time to have some serious talk. A meaningful talk would be nice. If you have a Mother's Day card to give this is the time for that. And the most imprtant thing of all is DON'T LET YOUR MOM SLEEP WITHOUT HEARING FROM YOU THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WORDS A MOM WILL EVER HEAR "I LOVE YOU MOM" and kiss her goodnight.  I'm sure that  your Mom will sleep restfully that night. So to all Mom writers on this site, Happy Mother's Day and God Loves You!


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      You mother must be a lovely lady. :)