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Sexy Mother's Day Gifts For Any Time Of The Year

Updated on May 13, 2014

Mother's Day is the perfect chance to show your wife how much you appreciate and cherish her. This is no time for practical presents designed to make her domestic life easier. Step away from that Dyson. Stop looking at the blenders. And, unless you want to get hit over the head with it, put the frying pan back on the shelf. You need to find a gift that makes her feel loved, desired, and oh so sexy.

That puzzled look on your face is rather endearing, but the fact that have no idea what constitutes a "sexy" gift is somewhat disheartening. Well, have no fear. Here are a few ideas that will warm the cockles of your honey's heart and prevent any frying pan-induced concussions in your future.

An Appealing Aperitif

Nothing sets the mood for romance more than her favorite bottle of wine or champagne. Throw in a box of truffles or fine Swiss chocolate and her taste buds will be singing your praises for days to come. And, if your Missus is more "cocktail" than "Cabernet," she may appreciate a copy of The Curious Bartender: The Artistry and Alchemy of Creating the Perfect Cocktail, a martini shaker and some key ingredients.

A Soothing Spa

A gift certificate for a spa treatment is all very nice, but nothing would be more intimate--or sexy--than providing her with a soothing body rub yourself. Create a gift basket filled with at-home spa treatment products, romantic candles, and a soothing CD of nature sounds. And don't forget to include a voucher she can redeem for a full-body massage--care of your big, strong hands.

Cosmos, Carnations, and Coneflowers...Oh My!

You don't want to be the guy who uses flowers as their "go to" gift for every occasion, but, once in a while, flowers can prove to be a lovely romantic gesture. Instead of playing it safe with the traditional bouquet of roses or carnations, try picking out a flower that is special to your wife. Having them delivered to her workplace through FTD will enable her to bask in the envious attention of her co-workers--earning you an even larger place in her good books. Just make sure that she doesn't have to schlep them home on a crowded bus.

Lacy Lingerie

Let your sweetheart know that she's still got "it" with a piece of sexy lingerie. Note that the operative word is "sexy"--not trampy. Forgo items constructed with leather and chainmail and opt, instead, for sultry satin and feminine lace. This smart and sexy T-backed chemise or this floral babydoll are perfect examples of how to make the woman in your life feel beautiful and desired.

Protect her Peepers

Does your wife have the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen? Keep those baby blues, gorgeous greens, or sizzling hot browns safe and sound with a pair of fashion-forward shades. Yes, this is a practical gift, but unlike the frying pan--sunglasses canbe sexy. This pair of Prada 270s Minimal Baroque, for example, would make a very stylish and sexy Mother's Day gift.

Any of these thoughtful gifts will surely dazzle your dearest and keep your noggin firmly intact. So get out there and buy the perfect present. And take off the helmet. This year, it won't be needed.

What great gift idea do you have for your wife this year? And, wives, what was the best gift that your hubby ever gave you?

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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey

      He always sang to me a song from Jethro Tull, "On the Inside." It says in part, "Can you cook, can you sew, I don't want to know. It's not what you need on the inside, to make the time go." He always gave me flowers, candy and jewelry. I adored him, but he passed on this January. But I have lovely memories of our times together.. And woe to him if he ever gave me a blender or vacuum cleaner and considered it a gift!