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Seychelles Holiday

Updated on July 31, 2011

Beach Haven

Seychelles is situated between the Indian and African coast. It is to be said that it is one of the most popular holiday destination in Africa and also all over the world. The whole area is covered with 115 islands that are more than 4000,000 sq km. Here in Seychelles who come to spend holiday can get pleasure. Seychelles holidaygives much pleasure to the visitors if they spend a few days here.

Tropical Paradise

The climate of Seychelles is tropical and so it has become the best holiday destination for the people of all over the world. The best months for travelling on Seychelles are April and October. On the months of November to March there remains some rainfall but it also provides the opportunity to travel here because in those months the sea remains calm and then there remains hot and humid.

Seychelles holiday provides the visitors to enjoy the very beautiful places and some other things as well. People who come here to spend their holidays can enjoy the islands of Seychelles, Casions in Sechelles, sea birds of Seychelles, species, clubs for wildlife, Banyan trees, flora and fauna, fly fishing and golfing. They can celebrate their honeymoon in Seychelles in a grand way.

Plethora of Activities

Victoria is the biggest town on the biggest island of Seychelles. Though it is a big town but it is as calm as a village area. Here the visitors can get various types of foods. Here is a food called kalu is once tasted is very hard to forget and it is made from traditional fermented coconut milk. There are also some cultural sights such as beach lounging, sea-swimming, bird- watching etc. So here the Seychelles holiday can provide these opportunities to the travelers to enjoy.

Seychelles holiday also gives people the opportunity of golfing. People who are interested in playing golf have the opportunity to play it here and get pleasure. There is a golf course in both Mahe and Praslin islands. The golf course has nine holes. Each of the golf courses gives people different taste of golf. If anyone can’t enjoy it his Seychelles holiday remains incomplete.


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