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Updated on November 19, 2015
AnkitaSiddiqui profile image

A maze of words invites me to get lost. Have joined this platform to share things I am passionate about.

Hands decorated with henna
Hands decorated with henna | Source

Centuries have passed by
since I painted the pharaohs,
in the ancient Nile valley.
Various shades of maroons
reds and oranges define me.
No occasion, is ever complete
without my aromatic presence.

I adorn a woman's belly,
forehead, hands, legs
arms, neck and back,
all vying for my sacred stain.
Intricately carved into flowers
creepers, peacocks, dots
and circles, secretly hiding
a lover's name to mystify
rosy cheeks of blushing bride.

Flawless tattoos engraved
speak endless stories,
of beauty and sensuality,
gracefully aged over aeons.

Look at the colour of hair
bejewelled like a ruby blazing
in the sunshine, glorifying
my existence in your life

My love, my name is Henna !

A Pebble for your Thoughts.

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© 2015 Ankita Siddiqui

I value criticism and appreciation alike.

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    • AnkitaSiddiqui profile image

      Ankita Siddiqui 21 months ago from India

      Thank you Ralph. Your encouragement means a lot for it is my first blog here. It has inspired me to explore more topics.

      I wish your wife all the best in life in her venture of adding beauty in people's lives through the art of henna.

    • RJ Schwartz profile image

      Ralph Schwartz 21 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

      I love this work - my wife does Henna and you have so captured both the art and the history of this magical practice.