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Why Not Have A Wine Tasting Party

Updated on May 1, 2017

A wine party can be lots of fun

By Sharon Stajda

Hosting a wine tasting party can be so much fun. Your friends, and family will not only have a fun evening out, they will also learn a bit about wine tasting too. I have put together some helpful information to get you started. Such as; Step by step wine tasting tutorial, and even a wine scoring sheet. I hope my tips will help you through the best wine tasting party ever!

Do you find yourself dreading it when a waiter approaches with a bottle of wine, and is expecting you to perform a tasting, before it's served? I have provided some tips below, to get you through it like a pro. Learning how to taste wines is a straightforward adventure. If done right it will come to deepen your appreciation of good wine. What are we looking for, the appearance, smell and taste of the wine? It's as simple as that. You will be using your basic senses when tasting wine. After some practice you will be taste wines like a pro.

Wine tasting is easy. Always keep in mind what you might love, another might dislike. It's all in ones own taste buds. There is no set rule for what tastes better in wine, it's objectively up to the individual taster. If your senses were pleased with the tasting experience, it's a good wine in your opinion.

The Scent Is Telling ...


Let Your Senses Do The Work - The Nose Knows

First Pour a glass of wine, have a look at the wine? What color is it? Now look beyond just red, is it dark red or dark burgundy, pale red or purple, ruby, tea colored, you get the idea. If your assessing white wine , is it pale yellow, pale wheat, light green, perhaps it's straw colored? Now, look for opacity. Is it very clear, cloudy, opaque? Tilt your glass a bit, give it a swirl, are you picking up sediment or cloudiness? Tip; an older red wine will be very much translucent, than a young red. Time to use your nose. Swirl the wine a bit then smell. The swirl will aid in bringing forth the aromas of the wine. Your first smell should be brief, a quick sniff. make a mental note, what smells did you pick up? Oak, berries, was it spicy? Now, stick your nose into the glass breath in the aroma deeply. What's your second impression? Did you pick up the same aroma or have you picked up something different? Sometimes that second smell will give you a totally different experience. Did you pick up oak, berry, flowers, vanilla or citrus odors? A wine's aroma is an excellent indicator of its quality. The aroma will tell you of the wines unique characteristics. Gently swirl the wine once more, let the aromas blend together, and sniff again. Just to make sure you have enjoyed the aroma, and see if you pick up any further aromas?

What Do Your Taste Buds Tell You?

Time To Taste The Wine

It's time to taste the wine. There are three stages of taste: First, take a small sip into your mouth, let it roll around your tongue. After you have rolled the wine on your tongue, take a small breath of air into your mouth. Let the air mingle with the wine. (This maneuver is called swirling.) The air will help you really taste the wine. What do you taste? Are you picking up any of the oak, berry, citrus, such as you sensed with your smelling technique? Most often reds will taste woody, oak, with under tones of berry, even a bit like bell peppers. Where white wines may have undertones of apple, citrus, and floral. The Initial Taste - This is your first impression of the wines components and flavors. The Finish - The wines finish is how long the flavor lasts after it has been swallowed. How long did the flavor last? Did it last several seconds or perhaps longer? Ask yourself, was the wine light-bodied, like water or full-bodied with a heavier consistency? After you have taste your wine, you might want to ponder your impressions of the particular wine you tasted. Did you like the wine? Would you want to buy a bottle, and enjoy it again?

Why not host a wine tasting party, it's so much fun !

Have you thought of sharing your love of wine with your friends? Have a wine tasting party. It is a great way to spread your love, and knowledge of wine to your circle of friends. Having a wine tasting party is great fun.

Hope You Will Use My Wine Tasting Sheet

Free to use and share
Free to use and share | Source

Wine Scoring Sheet

Make sure to have a wine tasting score sheet for your guests

Wine Scoring Sheet

Taster's Name___________________

After tasting make some notes on;

The Look of the wine

The smell of the wine

The taste of the wine

The after swallow, after taste of the wine

Was it worth the price?

Wine A _______Pts

Wine B________Pts.

Wine C________Pts.

Wine D _______Pts.

Wine E________Pts.

Wine F________Pts.

Rating system

I love this wine! 5 Pts.

I really like this wine... 4 Pts.

Its good- but 3 Pts.

This wine is not good... 2 Pts.

I don't like this wine-its bad! 1 Pt.

Lets Master A Little Wine Language


Dry - Dry is opposite of sweet. This occurs when all the sugar from the grape is turned into alcohol and carbon dioxide. If the wine is slightly sweet yet dry, this is called, off sweet.

Balance - This is when none of the wines flavors are out of whack. The acid, alcohol, fruit , and tannins work together to taste balanced.

Finish - This is the term for the wines after taste. It indicates what tastes and smells linger after the wine has been swallowed. The longer the finish the better the wine.

Complex-Layers and nuances of wine flavor. A complex wine will have many flavors and depth. As a rule aged wine is more complex than young wine.

Fruity - the term fruity is used when the wine is fruity. When other fruit flavors are tasted in the wine, such as berry, currants and so on. The wine has a bang of fruit!

Crisp - A wine that is crisp will have a good amount of acid in it, without lot of sweetness. Think of tart apple?

Wine Facts - Did You Know?

A glass of Merlot can go straight to the heart, and recent research shows that so too can the white variety. Scientists have attributed the heart benefits of reds to grape skins, which are chock full of certain antioxidants. Since the purple-hued skins get removed to make Chardonnays, many scientists had assumed white wine likely wouldn't do the heart any good. A lab experiment on rats showed that a grapes pulp conceals cardio-protective compounds that rival those found in reds. Red or white?

THE SOMMELIER...Wine Taster Superior

Free to use and share
Free to use and share | Source

The Sommelier

Due to wine being so in fashion, it is rarer to hear the waiter simply ask red or white wine anymore? Nowadays, most restaurant offer a wine list. The list as a rule will have a wide selection of wines to offer their customer.

The fact is most people are uncertain about just which wine to choose? A well versed waiter as a rule will be able to help with wine choice. Some high scale restaurants will have a Sommelier on staff.

A Sommelier is considered a professional, that is well educated on all that is wine. They are well versed in wine, from A-Z so to say. It is their job not only to come to the aid of customers in making a good wine selection for dinner, but the Sommelier is also responsible for purchasing the restaurant's wine, and keeping the cellar well stocked. So as you would surmise, he must know wine.

A Sommelier's basic role is cultivation. They must be well educated on regional, national and international vine cultivation. Also they must have knowledge on wine making, and sampling methods. They also must be experts on pairing wine with food, and other liqueurs.

It can be said the Sommelier is actually the link between wine growers, and the wine that ends up in the patrons glass. Sommeliers through visiting Wineries and tasting many different wines, choose the best wine for their employers wine cellar.

A Sommelier must be able to narrow down their wine choices from an enormous variety of different wines that are offered on the market. The cellar they build will reflect on the restaurant, so it's important for the Sommelier to be very well versed on wine. Not only old wines that are truly the finest wines, but he must also be aware of what wines are popular with the general public of the present day.

A Sommelier service should be colorful, but at the same time distinguished and refined. They should be capable of putting the customer at ease, and be able to suggesting just the right wine for the meal to be served.

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Nothing Goes Better With Wine Than Cheese

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      Shar, what a great lens, this is great for anyone wanting to do a wine tasting party. I love wine, my friends love wine, we have never done a wine tasting party. I think I would like to do one now after reading how easy it is to do. thanks.

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      affordablefinewines 8 years ago

      Wow really a lot of info here to digest. Will have to visit over and over to get it all absorbed :)

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      Hi - I looked up your lens, I thought the section on Wine Tasting Parties was great. I like the way you use the 100,101 idea for beginners ;-)


      Slacker’s Guide to Wine Tasting Clubs.

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      anonymous 10 years ago

      thanks for the info, wine dinner starts in 2 hours so your score sheet was very helpful

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      thanks for the info, wine dinner starts in 2 hours so your score sheet was very helpful

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      WinstonM 10 years ago

      Great lens, love it! I have just started on my 1st lens, chosen subject 'wine' perhaps you can throw me a few lines. thanks