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Shop for Christmas and shop cheap

Updated on November 17, 2013

On Boxing day. Yes that is when you should buy Christmas presents for your family and friends. But not the proceeding Boxing day, but the preceding boxing day a year earlier. That is when you are going to get the best deals in town and will get everything more than 50% off. But that is the way I do things. Not everyone is comfortable in buying one year earlier and then taking the pain to store and hide it for a year. I believe, everyone would say this is a very ridiculous idea. But think over it. How much would you be saving and how much at ease you would be on the next Christmas when everyone else is making infinite number of trips to malls and shopping stores on-line? This would not just save time, but a lot of money, may be half the money with which you can finance your next year Christmas presents. However, there is one glitch. Everyone, almost everyone, goes to grab the Boxing day deals. So there is a competition there which you might not like participating in the first place. Anyway, who wakes up early morning after Christmas eve and fight their right to go in the stores and get the things they want? Well. You would be surprised how many people just wait for this day to do their year round shopping. Nevertheless, this is my personal opinion. Follow your own course.

Buy off season stuff

Buying off season stuff is a cheap way to get around Christmas presents. For instance, it is now September and you see a very beautiful dress at H&M for your daughter/spouse/sister/niece. The dress is 75% off because summer is ending. Buy it! Don't fret about it that you are buying a summer dress and will give it in winter. This is not how it goes. Its not mandatory that you buy winter stuff only because Christmas comes in December. there is no rule book. Buy anything you like, but make sure it is usable. You would not want to give a size 12 dress to a person who is size 8. That would be rusty.

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Make a point to attend trade fairs

Attend trade fairs in your area. Trade fairs presents a good presentation of varied items and often you might get away with door prizes worth a visit. So what's the harm in attending. None. What you might get without spending a dime? A chance to see items that you may not be able to see in big malls and stores. Often, a small business is participating with fresh products that you have not seen in the market. Its priced incredulously below the market and you are very much tempted to buy. Do Not Hesitate. I have often seen people ignoring products they see in trade shows and passing by the stall and yet admiring ans appreciating the products. The main thing going on in their head is, this is not a renowned brand. What if! You should give them a try and look for the value for quality. if you believe the value is right for the quality, then buy. Do not wait for the next La Chateau sale. You might not get what you want over there as there could be dearth of sizes, color, etc.

Visit farmers' market occasionally

If you are thinking that I am trying to sell veggies here, then you are a bit mistaken. Farmers' markets are not just about fruits and vegetables. You will find there are a lot of people selling different stuff, from genuine leather products like shoes, wholesale priced goods like bed linens and towels at retail, classic DVD's etc. Farmer's market carry all sorts of items of all the seasons.

Buy online

I save big on buying on-line. My husband bought me a tablet last year from amazon and it was great. It was cheap. He bought a 10" in just $135. Incredible! Yes.

Its amazing how effective on-line buying is. I myself is a fan of two sites. Amazon and Ebay. If I don't find something on Amazon, I will surely find it on Ebay. Mostly, I buy new stuff, but once I bought a used book, and it turned out to be barely touched. And it was even more than 75% off. Moreover, just like trade fairs, small business tend to start by selling on these sites. Its good quality for value. Its cheap and within budget.

Check out used items websites

I know the term USED repels you. But here is the thing. I have seen people listing on Craigslist and Kijiji new items. Probably because they don't know if they can list on other new items sites like amazon or they don't have time to give specifications like these websites require. Whatever the reason, I have seen new items listings there and they are worth the try like the one example as below:


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