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Shopping for Gifts at the Drugstore

Updated on December 16, 2014

Last Minute Shopping

It was Christmas Eve and my sister had just arrived at my parents' house, home from college. She'd just finished up a stressful few weeks of final exams and hadn't taken any time out from studying for Christmas shopping. Back then she just had my parents, my brother and me to buy for, so she'd figured she'd get everything when she got home. She invited me to come along with her to our local Meijer's - a one stop shopping department store with everything from groceries to live bait to lingerie. It's open 24 hours, all day, every day. Except, we learned when we walked up at 7:00 PM just as they were locking the doors - Christmas.

Panic Sets In

Now she began to panic, with good reason. Here it was Christmas Eve, and she had no gifts at all to give. We began to drive around, looking for someplace, anyplace that was open. We saw a shining light. "Seven-Eleven!" she shouted. "Let's stop!" (A few years later a commercial came out with a guy doing his last minute shopping at a convenience store, and we giggled every time we saw it, thinking of this night. "Pork rinds for Mom!")

"No," I said. "We can do better." Because I'd just had an idea.

The Drug Store

I'd just remembered there was a drugstore down the street and figured we should see if it was open before resorting to the convenience store. Mercifully, it was open. My sister found a nice picture frame for our mother, cologne for Dad, a book for my brother and a vase for me. Christmas was saved!

Gift Shopping at the Drugstore

 Large drugstores like Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS carry much more than toothpaste, lipstick and cough medicine. Many are open until midnight, and some are open 24 hours, perfect for when you've forgotten a gift and need to come up with something right away.

Women's Gifts

There are so many different possibilities for women's gifts at the drugstore. A pretty seasonal decoration for the home, deliciously scented bath products, photo albums, a box of chocolates, picture frames, perfume are just some of the gift items you'll find for women.

Children's Gifts

Most of these drugstores have a toy aisle filled with fun things for kids of all ages. Pick up a ball, doll or stuffed toy then head to the gift wrap aisle for a gift bag and card, and you're all set.

Men's Gifts

 For men, a new electric razor or tobacco products might be just the thing.  Cologne or aftershave, or the latest bestseller action novel are other ideas.

General Gifts

There are gifts appropriate for anyone, like gift cards to a variety of different popular businesses, sweatshirts, movies. You could also purchase an attractive container and fill it with goodies from the candy aisle. These drugstores even offer some electronic products, like new cameras and GPS.


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