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Shopping the easy way for Christmas or any other special day

Updated on December 19, 2011

Oh the madness of it all!

So here we are, the last week before the big day...Christmas Day! I'm sure that many of your had your gift shopping done early but as usual I have waited till the last week. Actually I usually do that on purpose; I can sometimes get the best deals on popular gift items.

So the purpose of this hub is to relate my shopping trip gone wrong.

I decided to go shopping on Saturday morning (yes a weekend, bad decision). I had two stops to make, that doesn't sound too bad, right? Wrong! The first stop I was able to find a parking spot only 3 rows from the front of the store which was great. BUT, I get into the store, make my way weaving through the other shoppers and merchandise, oh my gosh, the merchandise on the floors, up the walls, it is enough to give your eyes an ache.

I found the place where the item I wanted was supposed to be and nothing....I tracked down an employee (almost as many as shoppers there) and asked about the item. "We are out of it" so I walked out of the store, waylaid but not to be defeated.

There are more stores out there, easy to get to, right?

Now this is a parking lot I can deal with!!
Now this is a parking lot I can deal with!! | Source
This is the reality
This is the reality


I made my way out of the store's parking lot only to be stopped dead in my tracks....two lanes to be aimed for and about 20 cars jockeying for position. The rudeness of drivers this time of the year astounds me every year. People push and shove with their cars just as they do in the stores. Finally I was able to make it into line, waited for a 3 hour stoplight to change, well not 3 hours but long, and turned left into traffic heading to the mall.


Oh my gosh!! 9am in the morning and it was packed, yes I should have known it would be. I drove up, I drove down each lane and nothing. It was a cold windy day I should point out. I drove around about three times, the only parking space was at least two football fields away from the store's entrance.

It was at that point that I said to myself "self, this isn't going to work, you are not going to get a spot and once in the mall, forget it, the lines and people will drive you crazy". So I quietly pushed back into traffic and made my way home, without a bright shiny package to be had.

The moral of this story you ask? Shop online and here is where to go.....

Amazon gifts and gift cards

Amazon Shopping

When I got home, I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down at my computer. I logged into and there in front of my eyes was anything and everything that I would have wanted to buy.

I clicked on the specific things I had been planning to purchase, added them to my cart. Then I "browsed" the Amazon site for a few more minutes.

I clicked on Checkout, chose my payment method, shipping address and i was DONE! Done with my shopping in about half an hour. And the best point to make about online shopping is that my gifts will be here during the early part of this week because I chose the trial method of Prime, which I can cancel or keep.

Gift cards are probably the easiest items to choose; the demonations are up to you and Amazon has some really cute gift card which come in a greeting card for your recipient. You can also email a gift card and give it to someone on Facebook. The possibilities are endless!

Amazon Prime gives you expedited shipping all year round for a low fee. It is well worth it if you do alot of online shopping and don't want to wait for your items to arrive.


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    • MimiKat33 profile image

      MimiKat33 6 years ago from Northeastern NY State, USA

      Absolutely, that's perfect, this close to Christmas, to suggest digital products. Last minute shoppers rejoice :)

    • arthsabi profile image

      arthsabi 6 years ago from World

      Great hub, very suitable for people starting to panic during the last days before Christmas :) I totally agree with you on the advantages of online shopping but would go even further and get non-shipping digital products (great last-minute gifts)!