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Silver Deer Christmas Animals Collection by Tom Rubel

Updated on August 30, 2013

Where to Buy Them...

These unique collectible Christmas figurines are created from resin, yet they are SO beautifully detailed, life-like, and unique.

Designed by Tom Rubel exclusively for the Silver Creek Christmas Animals Collection, these delightful, hand-painted, festively adorned creatures have become very collectible.

From the research I've done -- of which there is very little in terms of background information about the company Silver Creek or the designer Tom Rubel -- I am deducing the collection was only offered for sale in the late 80's and early 90's.

Image Credit: warehouse13fla on eBay

Vintage Tom Rubel Christmas Goose Poinsettia Silver Deer Goose Animal Figure from eBay
Vintage Tom Rubel Christmas Goose Poinsettia Silver Deer Goose Animal Figure from eBay

Exclusively Designed Silver Creek Christmas Animals by Tom Rubel

The Silver Deer Christmas Animals collection includes a large variety of both common and exotic animals and birds.

Each individual creature is perfectly suited to add a whimsical, lovely, and special touch to your holiday d├ęcor.

Start or add to your Christmas animals collection today...

Build up an assortment of these adorable animals and birds, all cheerily decked out for the holiday season...

They'll easily become family mementos which will be treasured and cherished as they're passed down through generations to come!

Image Credit: sandhillestate on eBay

Available on eBay

Silver Deer Christmas Animals Collection by Tom Rubel

Bid and Buy Before They're Gone!

More Retired Collectible Figurines by Tom Rubel

Such as the Studio Collection and more!

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Here are the Animals of YouTube bringing you their clever and hilarious version of "Jingle Bells"!

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Are You Starting or Adding to Your Collection? - Which piece is your favorite, and why?

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    • profile image

      fcinternetmarketing 4 years ago

      Great collections

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      @LaurieKristensen: I would be happy to correspond with you about Rubel pieces. Sorry it took me this long to read your comment. It certainly never showed up in my email.

    • LaurieKristensen profile image

      LaurieKristensen 5 years ago

      @anonymous: In my research, it was really hard to find any info about Tom Rubel, himself, or the other figurine collections he has created. Thanks for giving me some ideas to look into, because I really love his style!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I can't pick a favorite. I have almost a complete collection of Rubel Retired and younger angels. I have many Christmas animals as well as other non Christmas SilverArk. I have a few odd pieces that I would like to know if they belong to a set or not. Michael, the archangel, Cleopatra, and a beautiful angel sitting on a rock. I also have many Santa figurines, Lil Velvet, tree ornaments.