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Simple Baby Shower Appetizers for Under $50

Updated on January 25, 2013
Easy Homemade Appetizers
Easy Homemade Appetizers
Mix lime sherbet and ginger ale for a classic punch.
Mix lime sherbet and ginger ale for a classic punch.

Easy and Budget-friendly Party Food

If you are unsure about what to serve for a causal baby shower and have a limited budget here are some ideas I recently put into action. Here's how to feed 25 guests light appetizers using less than $50.

The Quick and the Simple
Chicken Salad Sandwiches

-white and wheat bread (For color and texture contrast)

-prepared rotisserie style chicken (I like using this for my quick chicken salad because it insures juiciness and flavorful chicken without me having to roast it myself. Clean hands remove white meat only or white and dark meat. Or, if preferred use 3 large cans of all white meat chicken- drained.)

-mayo (approx: 2 cups)

-chopped pecans (approx: 1/2 cup)

-red seedless grapes cut into halves (approx: 1cup)

-salt and pepper to taste

*Combine all ingredients and chill before spreading on bread. Use one piece of white and wheat for each sandwich. Crustless of course, and cut into triangles like a proper Southern belle.

Fruit Tray

-crispy apples wedges

-red seedless grapes-strawberries (whole or de-stemmed)

-kiwi slices for garnish (However, it is absolutely okay if the guest of honor eats it...which totally happened.)

*Wash all fruit, cut, and chill until serving. Display on large platter in heaping piles. Use skewers or serving fork for guests to serve themselves.

Simple Fruit Dip

-2 packages of cream cheese (room temp. makes it easy to whip)

-1 large jar of marshmallow fluff

*Whip together with hand mixer, chill, and serve in funky or elegant bowl with strawberry garnish on top. Large spoon for self-portioning.

Turkey Roll Ups (the possibilities are ENDLESS.)

-any kind of tortilla or wrap (I used flavored wraps: sun-ripened tomato basil and spinach garden herb. The wraps were a great choice because their vivid colors added presentation points. Plus, they were on sale. Bonus!)

-any kind of sliced turkey (You can adapt this to any fanciness level, any kind of meat, or even make it meatless.)

-Crunchy shredded iceberg lettuce (Or spinach or romaine or sprouts)

-Vegetable flavored cream cheese (Or any flavor that sounds fitting...simply plain works, too.)

*Lay parchment paper on cutting board. Place wrap on paper + cream cheese over entire top side of wrap. Layer turkey + shredded lettuce on the half of wrap closest to you. Roll tight toward cream cheese only side. The cream cheese acts as a glue. Wrap and tape parchment deli sandwich style around finished tube and chill. Once chilled, remove paper and slice in 1'' pieces (like sushi rolls.)

Traditional Punch

-6 liters of Ginger Ale

-2 quarts of Lime Sherbet

*At the event, right before serving. mix ingredients in serving vessel. Use a vintage punch bowl and serve with mix/match punch cups for an unexpected touch.

Classy Casual Tips for Baby Showers

  • Fresh flowers in vases or vintage pitchers for an eclectic look.
  • Framed baby pictures of Parents-to-Be (everybody loves a good baby picture right? Whenever using a photograph on a tablescape, I like to frame an edited black and white or sepia tone copy of original.)
  • Candles. What an old standby...You can never go wrong with tealights in vintage tea cups, cheap stemware or any other glass vessel. Just make sure you float tealights on at least a couple inches or more of water in the cup. It makes for easy cleanup- no wax to scrape out of the bottom. Also, add a drop of food coloring to the water before floating metal tealight in any clear glasses. Very pretty results to follow.
  • Display plastic flatware (by type) in separate glass containers or dishes. Make every detail of the self-serving table as special as possible. Show a bit of purpose and effort, and don't waste time on meticulously crafting a "fan of plastic forks" that are sure to look pretty for less than 5 minutes. And definitely don't just leave the plasticware in the box you bought it in or throw them haphazardly on the table.
  • Make a playlist of sweet baby related songs to play softly in the background. Then- you can give a copy to the guest of honor. (Example: "Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon and "Daughter" by Loudon Wainwright.)

Vintage pieces add character to intimate social events.
Vintage pieces add character to intimate social events.


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