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Simple, Basic Halloween Cross Stitch Projects

Updated on April 16, 2016
Halloween Motifs
Halloween Motifs | Source

Halloween Cross Stitch

Halloween gift projects for beginners and proffessionals:

Whether you are a seasoned cross stitcher or a complete novice, Halloween is a great time to take needle and thread and create something special. From greetings cards for friends, a Halloween banner to hang on your wall, a fabulous cushion cover, paper weights and other ornaments, personalised drinks coasters make excellent gifts, the same with key rings, the list is endless......

Whatever your passion, whether it's a gift for a relative or friend, or a something special just for yourself, Halloween Cross Stitch is a crafty addiction. It's simple to learn and can be mastered by nearly anyone with a little practice.

Halloween Cross Stitch Projects

There are many simple projects that take only an evening or weekend to complete. They can be used as gifts for family or friends or kept to adorn your own Halloween decorations. They can be made at any time of the year and put away stored in tissue paper until October.

The internet is saturated with links for the search terms 'free Halloween cross stitch patterns', or anything similar. There are many pages that come up in the SERP's that are pages and pages of just links. These links can lead you around and around several more pages before you actually get to you required destination. This can be very time consuming, as well as often frustrating. To save you some valuable time, I have trawled the world wide web to uncover a few direct links to some great cross stitch projects.

Halloween Book Mark
Halloween Book Mark | Source
Halloween Bat Motif
Halloween Bat Motif | Source
Halloween Pumpkin Motifs
Halloween Pumpkin Motifs | Source
Halloween Pumpkin Motifs
Halloween Pumpkin Motifs | Source
Halloween Cat Motif
Halloween Cat Motif | Source
Mixed Halloween Motifs
Mixed Halloween Motifs | Source

Here are some ideas for some simple, basic Halloween projects:

Gifts or Souvenirs :

A simple bookmark suitable for beginners. A lovely pumpkin design, with some backstitch wording. Simple but effective, ideal as a gift or a souvenir

Make a keyring for anyone with simple alphabet cross stitch patterns. Choose your own colour scheme and mix and match. Great for all year round.

  • Coaster

    Mix and match different Halloween motifs to make your own design coaster. Here you will find a bat, some pumpkins and a cat. Feel free to add your own boarders and details

    • bat – for use on a coaster/keyring [ link]

    • Pumpkins++ >>>>>

    • Cat - >>>>>

  • Mixed Halloween Motifs - >>>>>

Halloween Cross Stitch Ornaments

Set of 5. Delightful counted cross-stitch ornaments kit includes 14-mesh plastic canvas, DMC cotton floss, felt for backing, needle, and instructions. Approximately 2 x 3 (6 x 9cm).

Cushion Covers

These delightful and practical Halloween Cushion Covers take a little longer than the smaller items, but it is well worth the hard work. I still have a cushion in use everyday that my Grandmother made 20 years ago.

Cross Stitch Greeting Cards


  • Greetings cards are nice to send or receive at any time of the year. Why not do a few with a Halloween theme and delight your family and friends. They are simple to make, yet so personal and they make a delightful gift.

     These designs also work well to make handmade gift tags, totally unique, but take only a few hours to make.

Halloween Cat Place Mat

Halloween Cat Place Mat
Halloween Cat Place Mat | Source

Halloween Place Mat

Halloween Cats – Adorable Place Mat

[link to printable instructions]

Make an adorable Halloween Cat place mat, would look amazing on any table over

Halloween cecoration or gft bag

Halloween Decoration or Gift Bag
Halloween Decoration or Gift Bag | Source

Decoration/Gift Bag

Create a treat tote decoration for your home, or gift bag with this charmingly classic Halloween motif. Perfect also for ornaments, basket decoration, bookmarks.

Some Cross Stitch Basics

If you are completely new to cross stitch, here are the basics. They are simple to follow and everything else builds from these basic skills. After watching them all the way through, you can watch them a second time, pausing to complete each step before moving onto the next, building your skill as you go along. You will have the hang on the basics in no time, completing your first piece without breaking into a sweat.

Basic How To Cross Stitch

How to prepare fabric for cross stitch

Get on with it then......

Eager to get stuck in? Now that you've got your ideas and basics skills sorted, you'll be needing some supplies . You will need Aida fabric, some Anchor or DMC threads and some cross stitch needles to be getting on with. You can add to your cross stitch supplies as you attempt more and more projects. You will soon build a fine collection of different shades and types of threads, different count Aida fabrics and other sewing medium such as Evenweave.


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    • GoodLady profile image

      Penelope Hart 6 years ago from Rome, Italy

      Hi, thanks! Wondering if you could tell me if you've ever heard of a light which you see your cross stitch pattern with. (which you put on your head????) I just began a lovely cross stitch piece which makes my eyes run and bashes my head in because the stitches are so light on the white fabric and so small!

      My eyes are fine, had them tested a few weeks ago!.

      Any ideas? I really want to work on this piece because it is a present for my sister, who I love.


    • Mia Montanna profile image

      Mia Montanna 6 years ago from CA

      Obviously a super-helpful hub for those into sewing and so on. Good work!

    • billabongbob profile image

      billabongbob 6 years ago from South Wales, UK

      I really enjoy cross stitch, but don't get as much time to do it as I used too. I hope your Mom get's inspired to take it up again ;)

    • buttercup007 profile image

      buttercup007 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Cool hub! My mom used to cross stitch A LOT. I'll show this hub to her and see if it'll spark her interest again.