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Simple Creative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Updated on February 19, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is coming up. Are you stumped? Do you want to give something that will make your loved one know how much you love them, but be meaningful without being expensive and just plain gaudy?

Here are a few simple ideas, that can be tailored to your needs, and will not kill the pocketbook.

Love Coins

Wood coins come in different shapes. You can purchase heart or circle shaped pieces, or whatever your local craft store has in stock.
Wood coins come in different shapes. You can purchase heart or circle shaped pieces, or whatever your local craft store has in stock.

Love Coins

Want your loved one to think of you often? Want a simple little token that will last a long time? Love coins are the answer.

Start with a small wooden disc (I purchased the circle ones at Michael's Craft Stores for $1.00 for a bag of 6 with a coupon and the heart ones for $3 for 28 pieces, again, with a coupon).

Decorate one side with a quote or BIble verse or any kind of saying that would mean a lot to your loved one. On the other side, I wrote, "I Love You" and signed it.

This is meant for them to keep in their pocket. Every time they find it, touch it, reach for it, they are reminded of you and your love.

This is a small token of love, but it speaks volumes.

Sharpies work best, but paint, pens, stickers, etc... all work. Over time, they do wear out, but you can make new ones each year (so all coat pockets will have one, or two, in them.)

Coupon Boxes

Different colors and styles!
Different colors and styles!
I created coupons on my computer that fit nicely into the boxes.
I created coupons on my computer that fit nicely into the boxes.

Coupon Boxes

This has been used before, but never underestimate the power of a COUPON BOX, especially with the little ones (and maybe your spouse too!).

I used an Altoids box for these, because I had them lying around. Aren't Altoids a basic food group? I painted the tops white (white out works great if you have no paint) and covered them with some creative tapes I "borrowed" from my daughter. Then, I created some "fun" coupons on the computer, printed them out, and placed them in the boxes.

Some ideas for the kids:

extra scoop of ice cream at dessert

pick movie on movie night

pick game on game night

pick dinner menu

get out of one chore

special drink at dinner

bag of chips in lunchbox

cookie in lunch box

special date with Mom or Dad

sitting in front seat of car (if they are old enough)

extra computer time

extra video game time


Some ideas for the spouse:

back rub

special night out

get out of chore FREE card

extra dessert

special lunch

get out of pet duty


The possibilities are endless. Have fun with these. They can be as easy or complicated as you want.

Fourteen Reasons Why I Love You....

I love getting letters. I think it is a lost art. With texting, Twitter, Instagram, etc... people have forgotten how to write a note of love. Simple, yet so meaningful.

For Valentine's Day, write a list of some reasons you love the person you do. Simple, lovely, and truly meaningful.

It can be a silly list, a happy list, a rhyming list, or simply a list of all of those things that you love about someone but forget to tell them daily.

I typed mine out because I wanted it neat and pretty, but it was fun to do. Customize it to each person, because everyone means different things to us in different ways.

I rolled mine up and tied it with a pretty ribbon. Beautiful!


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