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Great Idea for Dressing Up a Debutante Ball

Updated on December 13, 2012

Simple and Affordable Bday Celebration

We celebrated the 18th birthday of my beloved niece a week ago. We thought of making it simple and affordable yet elegant and welcoming to our guests. One of the tasks given to me was to design the debutante ball, the place where the celebrant will stay that night.

We bought 2 packs of balloons for 200 pesos, approximately 4 US dollars. We chose yellow and metallic brown.We also bought 5 yards of yellow gina fabric and 5 yards of white fabric of the same kind which cost us around 500 pesos (10 US dollars). We got 15 meters of wire to hold the fabric and balloons. We did not buy the wire since we also use it to hang our wet clothes. We also asked help from our neighbors to lend their potted plants to us. We gathered around 100 plants of different kinds. We also borrowed a small platform.

We needed to buy safety pins and Spongebob metallic balloons to add a little touch of Spongebob because its his favorite cartoon character. We also spent money for tarpaulin printing which we used as the backdrop of the ball. We also got woods to hold the backdrop. In all, we only spent around 1300 to 1500 pesos (26-30 dollars) to make the debutante ball.

Here are some details of the project:

1) We put the platform at the center of the venue.

2) We arranged the plants according to its height and color, from tall to small size of plants. Darker plants were arranged together and light plants were also arranged together. Plants were placed at the side of the platform creating a linear line.

3) We put up the backdrop at the center where the platform was placed.

4) We cut the 5 yard yellow fabric in to two, then sew it to make it longer. We did the same thing with the white fabric. We tied them together creating 4 long fabrics. The yellow fabrics were placed at the center of the knot and the white fabric were placed at the outer part of the knot creating a sun rays like effect.

5) We tied the wire at the post of the venue which served as the support of the fabric and balloons.

6) Using the handy balloon pump, we inflated all of it. Two balloons were tied together. We twisted it in the wire that we hung at the post. We put them all at the space of each rays alternating the metallic and yellow balloons. Some balloons were placed on the platform and in front of it.

We thought that the venue is too big to make a simple design but we end up appreciating our project when we saw the ball that my family and I made. In addition to this, most of the guests appreciated it and asked us how we made those simple yet elegant looking debutante ball.

Thanks to my family who contributed a lot to make this simple, affordable and festive-looking ball for the debutante. Looking back, its worth all the effort for a 4 hour productive bonding with them.


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