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Cake for Debut

Updated on December 10, 2012

Inexpensive Way to Make a Bday Cake Tower

I have shared in my previous hub about the debutante ball which my family and i did last November for the 18th birthday of my niece. It was an eye-catching debutante ball which cost as a few peso. As a practical person, my goal is to make her party an enjoyable and elegant one with low cost using all the available materials so that we can save money for other things like food and drinks.

One of the highlights of the birthday, as we all know, is the blowing of cake. We thought of buying a 3 layered fondant cake available online but this will cost us 1800 pesos (around 42 US Dollars). The cake has three layers, part of it is just styrofoam, and in addition to this the size is too small for the venue. With the size of 14 inches cake, considering the factor of the huge venue, we think that this is not the appropriate size of the cake. We tried other cake supplier but 3 layered cake will cost you 5 thousand to 12 thousand pesos (116- 280 US dollars). Considering the factor that not all parts of the cake is edible, we decided to make our own version of 3 layered cake separated by 3 PVC tube.

We contacted a leading bakeshop in the Philippines and reserved a 2 round cake and a rectangular cake. No styrofoam, all edible, and presentable. We only got Spongebob and friends ceramic figurine, 1 yard gold ribbon, 1 yard brown ribbon, 3 gold wrapping paper, and 2 brown crepe paper to design the cake tower.

For the cake tower, we got the available materials like big PVC pipe cut into 3 with sizes small, medium and large, and a small plywood to hold the pvc which is available also in our storage. My brother put the 3 pvc on top of the plywood according to its size. Brace it with nails. That's it! Of course, we used the unused PVC pipe and cleaned it for sanitary purposes.

I designed it with the materials that I have mentioned awhile ago with the goal of covering all the pvc and nails with style.

We put the 2 round cakes in the small and large size pvc stand. We placed the Spongebob ceramic on the medium sized pvc at the center. The rectangular cake was placed at the bottom of the cake tower.

The 2 round cake cost us 700 pesos, the recatangular cake cost us 1000 pesos and 100 pesos for the cost of the materials we used for designing the cake tower. To sum it up, we only spent 1,800 pesos (42 US dollars). Some will say that it cost us a lot like the price of pvc and the effort, but in my opinion, it's still cheaper than the one they are selling in the bakeshop. Let us say that you need to the pvc and a small base like plywood, this wont cost you 500 pesos (12 US dollars). Let's say you will hire a person to make a cake tower and design it, it will only cost you 500 (12 US dollars. In all, including the cakes and tower, you will only spend 2,800 pesos (66 US dollars). Still cheaper than the minimum prize of cake that I have mentioned considering the small size of it, and not all of it are edible.

Not all of us are willing to spend a lot just for a day of celebration but we can do something nice and extravagant if we only use our creativity and if we know how to tap the persons who are knowledgeable in making these things. We also need to know the available materials in our storage that might help us make our goal possible without spending much of our money.

With an eye-catching debutante ball plus the elegant 3 layered cake, her 18th birthday party was a real blast with low cost!

Note: I will post the pictures of the cake tower soon. You will be surprised and amazed when you see it. Check my other hub about the debutante ball, you may find it useful too!


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