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Simple ideas for a easter egg hunt

Updated on March 24, 2013

All children love easter. Why not make it a real day of fun and invite your family and friends over for an easter fun packed day. Here are a few ideas to ensure your day is entertaining, fun, but also made with a budget.

A few ideas.

Treasure map. Create a simple treasure map. This could be used for either the garden or house. Make it fun by coffee staining the map before you start to make it look really real! Use small pictures combined with clues to make it easier for children. Then the 'X' marks the spot where the treasure is! The treasure being easter eggs. Or you could make up goody bags.

Clue lists. Make a short list of clues for around the garden. Use easy places though that a child will find without any problems. E.G, 'I am found in a place where the plants grow.' I.E, the flower pot.

Trail of pink eggs / stones. pick out some large stones and use pink paint to make them bright and noticeable. you could even use eggs, or small chocolate eggs wrapped up. make a game where the children can follow the pink trail to finally gain their prize!

Find your name hunt. write the children's names out on a brightly decorated card, and hide them in the garden alongside their prizes! A fun simple game that will get the children entertained and searching for their name!

Word search / spot the difference. create a word search or spot the difference. This is great to use inside if the weathers not too good. Its easy to do and wont take long if your using a computer.

Make Easter characters. If your worried about your child eating too much chocolate, then limit the treats and replace them with Easter characters made from card. You could include a bunny, egg, basket, or a chick. Once all the cards are collected, they get their prize!

Good luck! Have a happy Easter.


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    • BelleBadour profile image

      Belle 4 years ago from staffordshire

      good tip! Maybe write down where you put them just in case you do forget :)

    • BLACKANDGOLDJACK profile image

      Jack Hazen 4 years ago from Blitzburgh area

      I remember the time I hid the eggs outside in the stacks of wood for the wood-burning stove. My now ex-wife yelled at me because she thought the wood might fall on the little kids.

      Now I have an 8-year-old buddy who has come over on Easter the last couple years. I put a dollar in plastic eggs and hide them all over the house. If you use plastic eggs at least if you forget where you hid some they don't rot and you don't find them until they smell bad.