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The American dream Myth

Updated on May 17, 2015

American dream Myth

The American Dreams Homes Myth

Why do we rely on the American dream

Happiness has the least to do about money, why do North Americans over focus on money. The simple necessities of life can be obtained by owning a tiny house as it serves the vast majority of first time buyers who cannot afford a house. The early 1950s we had three times the members of the family in 1/3 the size of house.

A Green house would be a tiny house rather than a over size me house. An environment perspective a tiny house you can own, rather than a house owning you.

North America’s obsession with BIG houses has contributed to 75% of trees in the world and over- priced rentals housing. About 50% of us are single heads of household, creating a tiny natural homes has a higher appreciated value. We are approaching 90 million baby boomers and one third of the world is homeless which may turn into the greatest monetary emergency ever as time get worse. Tiny homes would be a solution even more in demand as larger buyer base grows, ensuring more egalitarian, sustainable community lifstyles. Invest your money into a free lifestyle toward finding many of your own dreams .

Most often over sized, too expensive of property, low experience in life, rush, and push through everyday full of stressed and forced into dissatisfied jobs and paying dearly for it. Tiny Home can turn your home into a beautiful reality, by one room at a time. Very little concern fees of mortgage rates or high running cost that multiply your bottom line many times over. Knowing your home is very affordable and is very low toxicology in which add to your mental and physical health and our natural environment. The only true Green house is a tiny house. North American per ca-pita leave the largest carbon foot print on the face of the earth, we give you a better focus towards Healthier alternative homes which adds to our whole gross national product of happiness, yours and mine. When 50% of us are single head of household, it's good sense to own a tiny home and not to be broke, while living in a sweet pad. Interior minimIin Organized space well of appliances and pull-out furniture. This results in keeping things in order and running cost is much lower in about every other area of a Full-time residence in the country off grid living.

Appreciate your opinion or suggestion.


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    • Castlepaloma profile image

      Castlepaloma 7 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada

      Sleeping the Dream is something to wake up to.