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most beautiful sLOVEnian christmas carols

Updated on December 15, 2013

Slovenian Traditional Christmas Choir Carols

Slovenes do love two major celebrations in the year: Easter Season and of course: Christmas Holiday Season. It's the same for all Slovenian Descendants abroad, living already for centuries in different countries of the world. Slovenian traditions are already kept in honor since World War I, also in the North-Eastern part of Belgium, the Province of Limburg, where different Slovenian Communities are integrated in the local community. But they do organize every year different Slovenian events. Coming together they enjoy their folklore, culture, music. As Christmas means for me, "announcing and wishing to eachother love and peace", so you can understand, this is supported by our typical traditional Slovenian Christmas Carols. From childhood, everyone born in a Slovenian family, learns all the Slovenian songs, mentioned in this lens.

I would say: "enjoy them too", meantime wishing to everybody a peaceful Merry Christmas.

And as we say in our own language:

Vesele Bozicne Praznike

(Picture: Illustration of the Slovenian postcard Painter Maksim Gaspari)

Slovenes in Belgium

Slovenes live in Belgium (Limburg) already since World War I. They left Slovenia to find work, a job, a new life. Younger generations decided to stay in Belgium, but they kept on maintaining their language, habits, traditons, culture, music... Also for the Slovenian Choir "Slomsek", Christmas means something special. Slovenes do celebrate together with them Christmas, listening and enjoying traditional Slovenian Carols, like you can hear below in this lens.

Slovenian Choir SLOMSEK - (Maasmechelen - Belgium)

1-Sveta Noc

Holy Night, Blessed Night, when it is midnight, the heavenly child is sleeping in a stable.

2-Poslusajte vsi ljudje

The Christmas Story about Joseph and Mary, going to Betlehem.

3-Rajske strune

We hear the heavenly strings, coming from heaven, announcing peace all over the world.

4-Glej zvezdice bozje

See the divine stars, shining where the King is born, born in a humble stable.

5-Bozji nam je rojen sin

The divine son is born, let's praise him, feel the joy.

6-Hitite Kristjani - (Christians come and see - Adeste Fideles)

Come Christians, come to Betlehem, and see the divine child, who is born tonight.

Christmas and New Year Carols from Slovenia

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Christmas Carol Duel Debate

Do you love Christmas Carols?

YES - They are typical for the Cristmas Seasonal Holidays

YES - They are typical for the Cristmas Seasonal Holidays

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      The Christmas carols are typical for this season...without those typical carols it isn't the same as with...

    NO - Christmas can also be celebrated just without the Carols

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