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Smart Ideas for Gifts for Everyone on your List

Updated on December 14, 2011

Gift giving can be stressful if you are not familiar with a person’s likes and dislikes, and finding ideas for gifts can be even more confusing if you know the person very well. It does not have to be difficult, however, so relax and consider these questions.


Is this gift for someone close to you? How close? If the present is for a family member or close co-worker, chances are you already know what their favorite hot beverage is, their favorite candy, preferred retail or online stores and even the restaurants they enjoy.

A simple solution for this group is to stay with what you know. If they love a certain coffee or coffeeshop, they can never have too much of it! The same holds true with tea, hot chocolate or alcoholic beverages. Gift cards to favorite eating establishments and retailers will always be welcome and appreciated. Make it more personal with a carefully chosen card.

Is this an intimate relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend? You can follow the advice above and be safe, or take it a step further and use your intimate knowledge of the person to give adult gifts, lingerie/men’s undergarments or a high-ticket item they have expressed a desire for.

With adult novelties and similar ideas for gifts, it is wise to have pre-existing knowledge of their interests. If this significant other has never spoken of, or showed disapproval at such items, opt for a safer alternative.



It may seem easy to shop for a husband or wife, but after several years of marriage, this task becomes more difficult. Pay attention to any new interests they have taken up. Has she recently joined a new fitness craze? Is he suddenly obsessed with a particular genre of books or video games? Sometimes paying attention to the little details will allow you to choose a present they had never considered but absolutely love!

Often, the best gift to give a spouse is the one they specify. However, part of the magic of giving presents involves showing the other person you cared enough to put real effort into choosing for them. If you give the exact item they asked for, go the extra mile and find something they hadn’t thought of. Don't let the years dampen this opportunity to make them feel special.

Neutral Gifts

The neutral gift is essential for so many people in our lives. Our children’s teachers, professors, bosses and even the in-laws all fall into this category. A little research will solve this problem quickly. If you don’t know, ask them where they like to shop and eat, then purchase gift cards or favorite items from there. These items are almost always safe to give.

This does not mean creativity has to go out the window. We found out our children's teacher loves scented candles, and each year we have given her one for Christmas. We found out what scents she preferred by looking at what she had brought to the classroom.

The same goes for the standard big chain coffee house, restaurant or retail gift card. For example, if they love coffee, tea, hot cocoa or fine chocolate, hunt down a quality alternative. Of course, you may want to give them a smaller gift card if they can't live without their favorite.

Neutral presents are wonderful for acquaintances, but also make great ideas for gifts for anyone on your list. Give from the heart and it will always be appreciated.

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    • profile image

      V Qisya 5 years ago

      Interesting and useful! Thank you very much for sharing. Voted up ;D

    • Free2seethemoon profile image

      Free2seethemoon 5 years ago from Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

      V Qisya, glad you liked it, happy holidays and thanks for commenting!

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