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Snow White Dress: Where to Find One for Halloween

Updated on August 9, 2010

If you have a daughter who wants to be Snow White for Halloween, you have been tasked with the important job of finding a Snow White dress for her. Luckily, there are many places to look for a Snow White dress. Be sure to start shopping early, as most costume shops and retailers run out of the most desirable costumes the closer you get to Halloween. Here are some leads to find the perfect Snow White dress.

1. Local Costume Shop

A local costume shop can be one of the easiest places to find a Snow White dress. Some costume shops are open year-round and simply stock a bigger selection in the fall for Halloween. Other costume shops close completely for 9 months of the year and open in the early fall for the Halloween season. If your local shop is open year-round, you can be checking in periodically throughout the year to find a Snow White dress. If it opens only for the Halloween season, be sure to stop in early. The benefits of buying a Snow White dress from a local shop are that your daughter can try on the dress to be sure it fits and you can always return it in a short turnaround time if you encounter any problems.

2. Online

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular for convenience and selection. If you cannot find a Snow White dress in your area, consider ordering one off the internet. This can be a tricky option in terms of getting a costume that fits your daughter well. Many online retailers include measurements for their Small, Medium, and Large sizes, so be sure to measure your daughter and select the Snow White dress that is most likely to fit her well. Also be sure to order far in advance, as delivery times can vary, and you do not want to be without your costume when Halloween comes around!

3. Make Your Own

If you are a seamstress or are inclined toward do it yourself projects, making your own Snow White Dress can be a rewarding experience (as long as you give yourself plenty of time!). You can either make it from scratch, if you have a lot of sewing experience and expertise, or you can find a kit at costume shops that requires only minimal stitching together of parts. This can also be a great parent-daughter project that can bring you together. 

Image Credit: Larry Johnson, Flickr


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