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So This is Christmas and What Have You Done

Updated on February 24, 2012
As the sun goes down Christmas Eve what have you done
As the sun goes down Christmas Eve what have you done | Source

As the sun goes down on Christmas Eve what will your thoughts be? Have I done enough, gotten enough, baked enough, shopped enough, worried enough? Some of these questions will be going through most of our minds, however the real question should be what have I done to make the season bright?

Have you hugged enough people, loved your families enough, prayed enough, spent enough time with someone who is sick or dying, loved your spouse enough, and loved your kids enough?

Holidays should not be about giving but loving each other. Although a present is nice to receive, a big hug from someone is much nicer.

As the holidays approach I am asking you to take the time and reflect back on your life and really think of those in your life that you love and that love you and make a point of spending more time with them.

You never know when you will lose them or never see them again. Take the time to tell someone you love them. The true meaning of Christmas is love, a child who was born to save us all from sin, and a life that was given to us to prosper. Even if your life isn't the best right now for whatever reason, love yourself and others as if it is your last day with them. This is the true meaning of Christmas.


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    • profile image

      internationalearn 6 years ago

      Short but straight to the point, Christmas has become quite a "material" holiday and we tend to forget what really matters. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.