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So You're Single On Valentine's Day?

Updated on February 13, 2013

So you’re single on Valentine’s Day too? Yea, it’s already bad enough seeing those cute couples every once in a while but thanks to Valentine’s Day they’ll be running rampant. On the radio, television, and billboards around town – Valentine reminders that you’re single. But being a single Valentine is not that bad when handled the right way. So here’s a crash course for surviving Valentine’s Day, with no hateration on your part.

DO: Celebrate with your child(ren)

If you’re a single parent this is a given and (depending on the age of the child) an expectation from your child(ren). Here’s some fun things you can do:

Make Valentine’s Day crafts

Bake Valentine’s Day themed desserts for after dinner

Watch funny Valentine’s Day cartoons

Celebrate the love shared between you and your child(ren), it’ll be a feeling no dozen roses can compare to.

DON’T: Visit online dating/matchmaking sites all day

I’m all for online dating, they provide more opportunities to meet people you would never get the chance to meet in your day to day routine. But don’t spend Valentine’s Day scrolling through pictures and profiles in hopes that the fantasy ‘we met on Valentine’s Day’ scenario will come true. Could it happen? Absolutely! Chances of it happening? It has about the same probability of hitting the lottery.

DO: Get together with single friends and single family members

No reason for single Valentines to be alone Valentine’s Day. Get together with your single family members and single friends and celebrate the love that you all have for one another. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, rather it be romantic, platonic or unconditional. A night full of love and laughter from good company is just as great as a candle light dinner.

DON’T: Agree to be the third wheel

Yes, the couple that invited you to join them means well but being a third wheel can sometimes do more bad than good. Not only do you have to put on a smile to their lovey dovey passes, but you also go home alone – left thinking about how you spent Valentine’s Day watching two people do everything you wish you could do with someone on Valentine’s Day. Again, go out and enjoy the day with other singles (friends or family members), your memories will be much more enjoyable.

DO: Show yourself some love

No one should love you more than you love yourself – a requirement to true happiness and self acception. Like the saying goes “How are you gonna love anybody else if you don’t love yourself?” With that concept in mind, show yourself some love. Treat yourself to roses, chocolate, jewelry, a spa day, or whatever else that you would love to receive from someone else. There is someone that loves and appreciates all that you do – and that person is you! 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

DON’T: Mope about being single

Please don’t ever (regardless if it’s Valentine’s Day or not), mope over being single. Negative energy is wasted energy and benefits you in no way. Yes, we all have those times when we get lonely but don’t dwell in it. Keep yourself busy by doing this you love and get carried away in. Also, keep positive loved ones around you so you never have time to dwell about being lonely.

I hope that everyone has a great Valentine’s Day filled with love and happiness!!


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    • nestle02 profile image

      nestle02 5 years ago from Florida, USA

      lol thanx

    • MoltenHound profile image

      MoltenHound 5 years ago from Australia

      I laughed when I looked at you hub! Nice work, thumb upped and funny! Keep up the good work.