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Socks for Christmas!

Updated on December 15, 2013
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Fuzzy Socks


Fun Socks = Awesome Gifts

You may not realize this, but women and girls actually enjoy getting socks for Christmas. Perhaps socks are not the best gift to give alone, but if you are creating a stocking or gift basket for someone, socks are the perfect addition. Furthermore, socks make a great complimentary gift with many other items. If you are giving someone slippers, a robe, lotion, pajamas, or shoes for Christmas, you can certainly add socks to the gifts.

With so many styles and colors to choose from, you are likely to have a harder time deciding on which socks to buy rather than if you should buy socks at all. For a friend with more subtle taste, you might want to go with solid colors. You could even choose neutral colors such as black, brown, gray, or white. If your friend is very colorful, you'd want to go with fun patterns or bright colors. Often, you can find socks with cute animals. You can also find rainbows, stars, clouds, etc. Socks are the perfect way for people to express themselves. Also, socks are a great way to find a personal gift for a friend. Keep in mind what type of animals or symbols your friend might enjoy, and you can buy a pair of socks that matches just that interest.

Fuzzy Socks

Socks that are very popular right now are cozy socks or fuzzy socks. Basically, they are really thick socks that are practically furry. Since the weather is getting cold, these socks are perfect for lounging around the house. If you are friends with someone that prefers not wearing slippers at home, fuzzy socks are a nice Christmas gift. Cozy or fuzzy socks are so thick and warm, you don't even need to wear slippers when wearing them. Also, they come in a number of awesome colors.

Several options are now available for cozy socks. You can buy some socks that are infused with lotion already. The lotion helps keep your feet moisturized and lasts through a number of washings. Don't worry - you can still wash them with your other clothes without any problem. Also, some fuzzy socks on the market now have grippers on the bottom of the socks. These work well for people who are not intending on wearing the socks with slippers or shoes.

Knee High Socks

Knee high socks and over-the-knee socks are perfect for pretty much any situation. Many women appreciate these socks. Not only do they keep you warm, but they are really cute. Some knee highs can even be considered sexy and worn with short skirts. Also, knee high socks and over-the-knee socks can be worn at offices. Some are very conservative and work wonderfully at work under pants. This is especially the case for those working at an office with terribly cold temperatures.

Boot Socks

Boots are really in style right now and it does not look like boots will be going out style anytime soon. Because of this, some very popular socks right now are boot socks. Boot socks are very thick and usually come to the knee. These socks are especially warm for the winter. They also help make boots more comfortable. Boot socks are the perfect Christmas gift if you are giving someone a pair of boots for Christmas.

The easiest aspect of picking out boot socks is the fact that no one can see them in boots anyway. They are there just to serve a purpose: to keep your feet really warm. In some cases, the socks can fold over the boots, but in general, color is not terribly important.

Men's Socks

When it comes to men's socks, let's be honest, they are not that terribly exciting. However, men need to wear socks, too. The fact is, socks are still a nice accessory to give to a man when buying him something else. Often, your father or your grandfather will appreciate a nice pack of socks with slippers and a robe. Or maybe you can give them some socks with a new pair of shoes.

Let's face it, everyone can use socks in life. Even people that usually do not wear socks must wear them when the weather is really cold. Socks can be a fun Christmas gift. They can also be a practical Christmas gift. The price for socks is usually pretty reasonable, as well. Even better, sock size is typically very easy to determine so there will be no awkward wrong size moments. What a wonderful Christmas present!

Christmas socks!
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