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SOLAR Christmas TREE HUGGER Decoration

Updated on December 11, 2011

Unique Solar Christmas Decoration - Reindeer


Lit Up Your Front Yard With Solar Decorations

There is nothing more exciting and fresh than the front yard Christmas decorations. When the Christmas winds blow through the trees and the front yards get painted by the sparkling Christmas lights, and the smell of happiness and family bonds is in the air, it is time to decorate for the holidays.

Learn why you should decorate your front yard with Solar Christmas Decorations

When everyone else will have some solar stars and solar lights strings at the top of the Christmas tree, you can surprise your neighbours with a Solar Tree Hugger! Think how impressed they would be to see a Solar light Reindeer or a Snowman hugging on your front yard trees!

Why To Choose Solar Decoration - Because They Are Safe To Use (No Live Wires)

There are many ways to decorate your front yard with Christmas lights. But all of the lights require feet upon feet of electricity wires to be stretched from side to side, and to be plugged into electric source.

Christmas weather is usually cold wet weather, if it's snow or rain, it turns the electric wiring to be dangerous to hang and dangerous to walk around.

Getting those electric wires in place and fixing the light decoration can be a hazard. First of all the electricity must be done safely! Second the wires need to be stretched from tree to tree, from the porch to the green fence. Children can stumble, fall, touch, pull and get messed up with the wet electric wires!

For the safety of your children you should think of Solar Christmas Decorations. They can be all placed wireless any where you want without all the hazards mentioned above.

Solar Christmas Tree Hugger - Snowman


Solar Energy - Save the Planet

Another reason to choose solar energy Christmas decorations for your front yard, is because it teaches your children that the sun can be a source for clean & free energy.

Those Christmas decorations, Christmas pre-lit trees and all the Christmas lights which decorate the house all consume so much electricity! Though some buy LED lights which are much more efficient, but the lights are lit all night long!

Think of it... Dozens of bulbs large and small are lit all night long throughout all the holidays. Even if the electricity does not cost you much, it is important for your children's clean energy education.

Solar Reindeer Christmas Tree Hugger



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    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      WHAT A GREAT IDEA. I really love this idea.. I always worry about all the cords outside anyway.. Thanks for posting this and researching.. good job.. I voted up ND INTERESTING

    • profile image 6 years ago

      I will have to look into these. They are adorable.