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Some random thoughts about New Year!

Updated on December 31, 2011


A different New Year Resolution!

Most of the people, the world over celebrate the New Year with fun and frolics. Many expect the New Year to bring them luck and money! Each one has an ambition which he/she wants to be fulfilled at least during the new year. I would like to add some more thoughts to the ensuing New Year.

First let us examine our concepts about time itself. Every second and every moment is really New. For the sake of convenience man assign certain days as special such as New Year since it is the commencement of a Calendar Year in most of the countries who follow Christian traditions. It is only a label to serve our convenience.

Many people wait a long for the New Year to usher so that they can give up their old habits and start some thing new. It is like this. Some one wanted to leave smoking. He thought of a way to stop the habit. Some one suggested, You chew betel nuts to stop the smoking. What happened is funny. He could neither leave the smoking and he has developed a new one along with his old one!

I don't blame any. But many want to become good, loving and more adjustable with others. They want to follow really nice habits. Yes, the resolutions are really great. But how long we stick to those elevating qualities is a great question. However, we need not wait till the New Year dawns! Since every moment is new, we can always adopt good habits instead of bad from the moment you resolve to adopt!

As we have seen, every adventure or event in this world is impermanent. It is like the passing clouds. Hence, we need not attach much importance to the fleeting temporary pleasures of the world. When every thing in this world is temporary, why should we break our heads to achieve this temporary aims of Life? Aim High! Aim for lasting Joy and happiness. But know for certain that nothing in this world would grant you lasting Joy. It is only in the realm of spirit, we can garner lasting happiness. God is Love and hence Love All. Service to the needy is service to God. We hoard many unwanted things in the cup boards and wardrobes. At least in the New Year sort out the essential and keep aside. Hand over the unwanted things to the needy or orphanages or old age homes! By giving others, by sharing with others, we get more joy than when we enjoy things alone. Probably, this is the reason for hoisting New Year and Christmas parties everywhere. In the western culture, parties are very common. It is good to share our happiness with others.

But one thing about parties, we often invite our friends and acquaintances to the parties. But there are many relatives who are not well off. We may entertain them. They will be pleased immensely. Sharing gains value when you share your surplus resources with the 'have nots'. It may be food, clothing, medicines and blanket or shoes to cover. Why don't we try some lofty ideas in this New Year? We have practiced all along selfish love which constrict. Let us develop "Selfless Love" which embrace one all. Let our Love expand. Thank you one and all. I wish all of you advanced New Year Greetings. May all of You remain ever in the Joy of Love and sharing!


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      saisarannaga 6 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

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