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An Early Visit with Santa

Updated on December 11, 2011
Cookies for Santa
Cookies for Santa | Source

An Unexplained Encounter

My husband works with the public. He meets several different people every day. This is his story of a unique encounter he had with Santa Claus. Our children still talk about the "early gifts" that they received from Santa that year. My husband still talks about how he met Santa Claus. This is his story, in his words:

Have you ever had one of those experiences that makes you question your own reality. I had one today. It was very similar to that movie K-pax. If you haven't seen, go watch it. Now. If you have, you know its about a guy who says hes an alien. Never breaks character, and eventually disappears in a way that leaves everyone wondering if just maybe he really was an alien. Thats what happened to me today. Today, I met Santa Clause.

I was asked to shoot trouble calls in Southern Pines today. Southern Pines is a giant golf course. It's like 5 cities that are nothing but golf courses and the people who live on golf courses. Not a very exciting place, unless you're into golf, and then I am sure its an amazing place to visit. I think Santa is a golfer. I am not. The only reason I golf is so that I can drive a go-cart. Sometimes, I will try to play polo off the golf cart. I suck at that just as much as I do at golf.

As I was arriving at a customers house today, a SUV pulled up behind me. I just assumed it was the customer. I was wrong. A jolly old white haired man with a good size full white beard and wearing a red suit hopped out and walked up to my window and introduced himself as Santa Clause. He said he was in a bind as the wireless card in his laptop had broke, and he was wondering if I could help him. He was in the area on vacation before the big day. I need to explain that at no point did this man ever break character. Not even the slightest.

I told him I didn't have the same card but I had a similar Netgear card that should work just fine for him. So I set him up and got him back and running so he could connect at the local hot spots (he mentioned being a fan of Taco Bell). He says to me Merry Christmas and asks what I want for Christmas. I told him I was good. I don't need anything. He smiled and said "two kids right? Boy and a girl." A little taken aback I said "yes". He motioned for me to follow him to the back of his SUV where he open up the tailgate. Inside were two large red velvet bags. Both had gold rope and tassels holding them shut. Both had gold calligraphy embroidering on them to the effect of "Santa's Bag." One was full of toys. One held his golf clubs. He says "I always keep some toys on hand when I am on vacation just in case." He says "I know its not what they asked for but it should tide them over till Christmas." He reaches in and pulls out a large stuffed golden labrador with a pretty pink and purple bow on it and a set of John Deere tractors stamped "Made In The North Pole" on the box. He handed the toys to me, thanked me again and wished me a Merry Christmas, and drove off. Leaving me a bit dumbfounded. I would love to believe that I made this up. Or that I was at least grossly exaggerating. But I'm not. And I'm not entirely sure how that makes me feel. Anyways... Merry Christmas ya'll.


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    • Joshua Sopha profile image

      Joshua Sopha 6 years ago

      Stolen from NORAD Tracks Santa FB page:

      For all those wondering when Santa will arrive to their location, only Santa knows his route. While NORAD can track him, we cannot predict when he will arrive to every house. We do, however, know from history that it appears he arrives only when children are asleep! Merry Christmas!